Sunday, January 14, 2018

Those Twins!

I grew up with twin sisters. They were two years younger than me. Hate is a rather strong word. But my feeling for them growing up came close!

Today is their birthday. I love them so much! I've come a long way since childhood! Janice and Jennifer---here's to you!!
I can still tell them apart: Jennifer and Janice. Mom said that when they were babies, she had to put an extra diaper pin on one of them to remind herself which one she held while feeding the last time. She had to prop the baby and hold the bottle while she cradled and fed the other.
Jennifer and Janice. I was only two when they came along. I don't really remember anything about them.
Jennifer and Janice.
 Jennifer and Janice---they really look like mirror images here.
 Jennifer and Janice. I guess mom always put Jennifer on the left for formal photos. This is how they still look at each other!
Janice and Jennifer
 Jennifer and Janice (this was Easter--we all got new Easter dresses including hat and purse. We also got a new dress at Christmas, but I don't recall get hats or purses then.)
Janice and Jennifer. This picture was taken in our front yard. You can see that we lived in the "country" of St. Louis. The road in front of our house was paved, but the side street and driveway were gravel.

We loved that no one outside the family could tell them apart. If they didn't know who was who, they just called them "twin."  Janice and Jennifer dressed alike all the time when they were little. I'm not sure when that ended, but they definitely dressed alike through most of grade school. They would still look identical if they wore their hair (and hair color) the same. They don't. 

Happy 64th you two!


  1. They really were identical! I can imagine they may have tried to confuse people when they were growing up!

  2. What a FUN post - it was hard to tell my twin nieces apart when they were really little, especially since we didn't live close and get to see them often. These days is much easier as they have very distinctive personalities & likes!


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