Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What I Buy Wednesday

It's been awhile. I like "what I buy Wednesday" to document what I bought during the year.

We were at Sandy's for Jordan's birthday right before Christmas. We went to the show to see The Disaster Artist. Oh my gosh! It was so good! James Franco was unbelievable. In fact, we were pretty sure he would win an Academy Award for his performance. After winning the Golden Globe, all of the allegations of sexual abuse came out. I doubt he'll even be nominated now. Still, it was a great performance.

The movie is a true story about what is being billed as the worst movie every made.
The Room was financed and produced by Tommy Wiseau. That's him on the cover. The guy himself is a mystery. No one knows where he's from or where he got his money. He's creepy looking and Franco portrayed him perfectly! The movie ran for only two weeks---at Tommy's expense because he wanted it to be considered for an Academy Award (apparently a move has to play at least two weeks for a nomination). The Room has developed a cult following. In fact, it played just last week here for one night. Morgan, Jordan and I wanted to go, but I had theater tickets that night. Instead, I bought it for $10.00. Now we'll have a good excuse to get together to watch it.

I bought a few other things, but they haven't come in, so I'll save them for next week!

What did you buy this week?

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