Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts about...

...Pecan Pie.

In years past, I've had:
"Monday Mysteries"
"Monday Memos, Mail and Me"
"What I buy Wednesday"
"Five Things Thursday"
"Throwback Thursday"
"Friday Funnies"
"Showtunes Saturdays"
"Storytelling Sunday"

I realized that I've never had anything on Tuesdays. Today,  I'm starting a new meme called "Tuesday Thoughts about..." I'm going to try to share some stories on Tuesdays about something in particular. They will be random with ideas coming from whatever hits me at the time. We shall see how it goes. For today, my"Tuesday Thoughts" are about pecan pie.

My bridge partner, Joan, brought a pecan pie when they joined us for Christmas dinner. It was a nice gesture and we enjoyed some of it. I don't really like pecan pie anymore. That got me to thinking about it.

I grew up in St. Louis. My mom only cooked Italian. I never had pecan pie---nor had I ever heard of it. I'm not sure how it was that my best friend, Reenie and I ever tried it. At the age of 10---yes 10---in the 5th grade, we were allowed to ride the bus to Riverroads Mall. It was one of the nation's first enclosed malls. The only stores I really remember were Stix, Baer and Fuller---a department store which 25 years later was bought out by Dillards---and Woolworths. Woolworths is at the heart of this story.

Reenie and I would have "lunch" in the Steamboat Room at Woolworth's. Our lunch would consist of sharing an order of fries, a medium coke and a piece of pecan pie. Every. Time. I don't remember how we came to try that pecan pie for the first time, but man, I'll never forget it! We had to hold ourselves back from having lunch too early. We couldn't wait to get to that pie. I don't remember what it cost, but I do remember that we were generous tippers of a nickel each!!

It wasn't until we moved to Louisville, KY in 1978 that I discovered Derby Pie. Basically, it's a pecan pie with chocolate chips and bourbon. I made it every year for the Derby parties we had for over 20 years.

Pecan pies were the easiest pies to make---mix a bunch of stuff together, pour in to the pie shell and bake.  It was always rich and gooey with the crispy pecans rising to the top. I think it's because of the ease of making it that has burned me out on it. I made it too much. Now I find it way to rich and sweet for me.

I put Joan's leftover pie in the freezer after Christmas. I got it out yesterday to make room in the freezer. I don't want it. In fact, no one does. The girls all eat healthy these days. It's sitting on the counter. I'll toss it in a couple of days. Maybe Butch will want a final slice. Still, I'm happy about the memories that pie has evoked.

The pie needs to go, but my memory of pecan pie will remain one of my sweetest!

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