Friday, December 29, 2017

I Have to Admit...

I love getting presents! Really, who doesn't?

I had a great Christmas! Santa brought just about everything on my list---plus many surprises from the whole family.

I had already put my gifts away so had to go back and snap a few pictures. I'm sure I've left a few out, but couldn't think of everything after the fact!
I got this casserole dish from Margarita. I've used it twice already---once for the potato casserole on Christmas Eve and then again for the dressing on Christmas Day. I never realized that I have a "thing" about colored casseroles. Maybe I've never had a colored casserole before. Anyway, I can't just put anything in it. I don't want anything that would clash with the red---like the carrot casserole. The green beans would have been okay since it's Christmas, but not any other time! A little OCD, I know.
I got this bottle of Baileys from Butch. It's sort of a joke. I'm not a big drinker. He's in charge of ALL beverages---alcoholic or not. At Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to have a cup of hot chocolate with Bailey's. I was searching amidst dozens of bottles of stuff. I asked him and he said we didn't have any. The next day, I was looking for a diet Coke. We didn't have any. I said, "are you kidding me? The two things I ask for and we don't have it?" So, he got the Bailey's and then searched for something with my name on it so he could label the bottle! He even went to Cracker Barrel. Apparently, Barbara is not a popular name these days.
 Stephanie had told me about this floor cleaner that she says is amazing. I'm excited to see what difference it makes on my floors.
 I got this Corkcickle wine cup from Sandy. It keeps your wine or other drink icy cold for hours. It will be great for the pool. And, it's PINK!
Butch got me a couple candles from Bath and Bodyworks. Sandy got me one from Vera Bradley. It smells amazing! We light the candle every morning. Every morning! I look forward to Christmas to replenish my supply.
Mitchell always gives me a dvd. The plan is that we watch it together. This is the first year that we didn't have time to do it. There's just not enough time for everything.
 I got this book from Mindy and Justin along with this Starbucks mug.
When we were in Washington, DC, we went to a mall in Virginia. I lamented the fact that I had forgotten to pick up a mug for my collection. I was happy to get it for Christmas! The Echo was a combined gift from Jordan, Morgan and the boys. They have promised me that they are going to help me set it up and figure it out. They like to make sure that I'm up-to-date with technology!
 I always want new slippers for Christmas---Butch got me these. I wear slippers in the house exclusively. Used to wear socks all the time, but now I don't want to risk the slip factor.
This adorable glass tree and ornaments is from Elizabeth. I just love little things. Victoria gave me some holiday hand towels. I've already used them, so they are in the wash.
Stephanie gave me this set of bracelets and watch in rose gold. I love to wear a bunch of bracelets, so she knew this would be right up my alley.
She also gave me a box of chocolates and a mini Starbucks mug ornament--so cute. The box---tiny, so darn cute!
I realized that you couldn't see the perspective, so snapped this shot of the boxes side by side.
Butch got me this memory foam travel pillow. Mindy let me try hers on our trip to Charleston this summer. It is so awesome! I'm looking forward to trying it out on our international flights this year.
And then, my customary box of Russell Stovers chocolates---my favorite. Sandy gave me another box which I already ate! Don't judge me. It was a little smaller! I'm pretty disciplined--one piece a day. At this rate, between this and the box Stephanie gave me, I'll have candy well in to February!
These were an unexpected surprise from Mindy. I put them on right away. I found out the next day as Butch was going through the trash (he pulls out all the paperwork, instruction books and warranty cards that everyone tries to throw away) that they actually light up in the dark! Shoes with REAL Christmas lights!
Here's the secret santa gift I got from Andrew that I've already mentioned. See the polar bears swimming? So cute.

I got some other things too, but just can't remember it all. I need to take a picture before I put everything away!

Did you get everything on your santa list!

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