Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Which Comes First...

...the chicken or the egg? Well, in my sister, Jennifer's case---it would be the chicken. Then came the eggs.

She goes to her farm every weekend---where her husband already lives. It's in Salem, Missouri. She loves it out there. They have big plans. They've started with the chickens. She has taught us so much about the eggs. The chickens like to hide them when they lay---even though they have a nice hen house. It's like and Easter egg hunt every day!

As long as you do not wash the eggs, they can sit out on your counter for 3 months! That's unbelievable. Janet brought me a dozen about a year ago. I immediately refrigerated them. Of course, that meant they had to stay refrigerated. Now I know better. I like the idea of them sitting out. You see that in magazines, but I just thought they did it for the photo shoot.

They are definitely some good lookin' eggs. There's nothing like farm fresh eggs.
 She has made labels for her eggs. She sells them for $4.00 a dozen. If I lived closer, I'd buy them every week!

Just so you know exactly where they come from.

So, there you have the answer to that age old question: Which came first---the chicken or the egg? At least for Jennifer, it's answered!

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  1. eggs are porous so refrigerating them dehydrates them. If they sit on the counter then they don't dehydrate. I learned this when I was in agricultural college when I was 16 - more than 50 years ago - and I have been trying to explain it to people ever since. I also wonder why the manufacturers of refrigerators insist on putting those egg racks into their appliances, surely they must know. I loved my backyard chickens but all the joy went out of keeping them after the fox got into the garden and killed two and maimed one.


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