Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Cautionary Tale

I've been saying it for a couple of years now. Our kids don't want our "stuff." In fact, if we don't do something about it now, they are going to HATE us for leaving them to deal with it.

I told my girls---when the time comes--- to take what they want and then just hire someone to sell the rest. I'm saying all of this because if you have things of value, you better take care of selling them yourself. Otherwise, it will end up in a garage sale selling for pennies. Here's a perfect example.

I just came across this post from a blog I follow: Between Naps on the Porch. In this post, "she"
found this Department 56 house that sold for $110.00 for 10 bucks at an antique shop. I'm sure the child of some collector had no idea its worth.
It's a pretty interesting piece. It's part of the Christmas Vacation collection and is the house of the Griswolds next door neighbors---Margo and Todd. If you remember the movie, you can see the Christmas tree crashing in to the side of their house. It's possible that whoever sold it might not even have seen the movie. After all, that was the 80's!

Anyway, all of this to say---if you have things of value, you better figure out how to turn them in to serious cash yourself or they will be worthless to your kids!

One exception is our needlework. We have an agreement amongst our friends that if our needlework winds up in a garage sale, we're going to buy it! Some kids may not know the value of that!

I'm pretty sure that won't be an issue for me as my girls love my needlework! At least I hope not.


  1. Wow, that's quite something, that house ... Glad to hear you have A Plan for your needlework :).

  2. Imagine there being a trade on Griswolds memorabilia! Who'd have thought it.


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