Monday, January 16, 2017

Another Birthday Party

Don't you just love it when your birthday lasts a week? I do. The fun just keeps on going.

Stephanie, Nicky and Mindy came over at 4:30 yesterday to play my new game before going to Sperry's for dinner. Justin had to work--not complaining---his schedule is way better now than what it used to be. But we did miss him.
Mindy gave me these miniature daffodils. They are darling! I hope they hold up in the house for awhile at least!
She also brought me these crumpets. Earlier in the week, she asked me if I'd ever had crumpets. Yes, I did, about 25 years ago. I'm excited to try them with my Earl Grey tea. What's more British than that? Oh, well, if I have them with the tea while reading a Jeffrey Archer book! Yeah, that's what I'll do!
Stephanie gave me bath "stuff." I'm so excited to be able to take baths again---when the work is done. I'll be using that comfort pillow for sure!
Part of the bath gift are these Ahava bubble baths. Ahava products are from the dead sea. My friend, Linda introduced me to these products when we were at the Dead Sea together about 4 years ago. My whole family loves the lotion---the only thing I've bought. I'm excited to try the bubbles. The cute things in front that look like candies are actually bath "bombs." They smell divine. I'm thinking of putting them on a crystal plate on the edge of the tub for a decoration.

Everyone loved the new game. I won $4.75---quite a nice change from the $45.00 I lost playing poker in St. Louis. I know that sounds like a lot, but it was over three games. Where can you go for an evening of fun for $15.00? At least that's how I look at it.

I also got two lottery tickets from my brother, Matt. Unfortunately, they were not winners. That's okay, because my whole birthday week was a winner! I am truly blessed! I remind myself of that everyday. I really do!


  1. I've never had a crumpet! They're definitely an English thing. I'd say they'd go very well with reading a Jeffrey Archer

  2. Such lovely gifts! I always enjoy a good bath bomb, although they don't last long as decor around here.

  3. That sounds pretty perfect: tea, crumpets and a good book :). Don't forget the butter (has to be real butter) and jam.


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