Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another Birthday

Nancy invited all of our friends to a birthday party for me---well over a month ago. Of course, my other friends said they were going to do it, but Nancy got the jump on them. I love it when they fight over me!! They were kidding around. It's easy to say you were going to do something when someone else already stepped up!

We met at "the church"---where we always meet when we're going out to Nancy's in Leiper's Fork. It's a half hour away. We piled in Karolyn's new car---where she didn't know how to work anything. Pam and Linda were in the "way" back but couldn't get their seat adjusted. There was no leg room at all--plus the back was straight up and slightly forward. Nancy A. and I were in the middle, so we moved our seats all the way up, but they would not lock. I ended up holding myself forward by latching on to the back of the driver seat the whole trip. When Karolyn said she could feel my knees in her back, I "spread-eagled" the driver's seat. Not very comfortable. Connie got the driver's manual out so Linda figured out their seats. Nancy figured ours out, but not until the way home. Turns out that you lift to move the seat, but then have to push down to lock it. New cars---sheesh! My car's not exactly new and I still don't know how to operate all the seats. I usually drive because I have the biggest car. There is more leg room. Still, it was nice to not have to drive.

We got to Nancy's and had lunch---chicken and rice soup with corn light bread and strawberry pretzel salad. Everything was delicious. My friends waited on me and said I didn't have to help clean up since it was my birthday. I found myself alone in the dining room. I called out, "hey, I'm alone in here!"

After lunch, we started playing a new game. Nancy had told everyone to bring a roll of quarters. I was excited because we were going to play games and also because I would learn something new. When we do play games---which isn't often---I usually come up with them. I think we're going to try to get together just for games. I'm not exactly sure where we'll add that to our already busy schedule, but it's a good idea!

 Nancy E., Pam, Linda, Karolyn
 Karolyn, Nancy A. and Connie.
 Me---and Nancy E.
 Nancy, Connie and me.

It was a horse racing type game that Nancy calls "horsey." She doesn't know what the real name is. We played for quite awhile when I said, "hey, when do I get to open my presents?" I noticed that during the excitement of the game, they had forgotten that it was MY birthday! Nancy said we'd finish the round and then have cake and open presents. We were about half way through eating the cake---Boston Cream Pie---when I realized that they hadn't sung to me. I called it to their attention, so they all sang. I told them it was too late--they ruined my birthday!

Only kidding--it was the best birthday ever! What more could you ask for? Having fun with your friends is the only way to go. Oh wait, that IS my life!

I made a haul! My friends know me pretty well!
I was excited to receive the game from Nancy. The bag contains all of the pieces and decks of cards. Connie gave me a new needlepoint stitch book. I was contemplating buying it at Nashville Needleworks when Connie said "Don't! Someone might be getting it for her birthday." Luckily, that was awhile ago. It wasn't until I opened it that I remembered! Karolyn gave me the battery operated candle in the mercury glass holder, Linda gave me the Downton Abbey glass ornament and best smelling candle, Nancy A. gave me the movie gift card for our Movie Mondays, and Pam gave mew the lime green pashmina. She knows I love my pashminas---you can never have too many! Plus, I got 8 cards including the ones in the mail.

This was a BIG birthday---in more ways than one! And it's not over yet. We're doing the family thing on Saturday with dinner at Sperry's. I might have them come early to play my new game.

Did I ever mention that I like presents? I am truly blessed with some great friends. I don't know what I'd do without them. I NEED my friends!


  1. Your words and photos clearly show what a great time you all had. Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy "Big" Birthday.
    Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time :)

  3. Happy belated birthday. What a charming group of friends you've surrounded yourself with - the cooking, gaming, and even singing kind. Lucky lady!

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends who know how to make a girl feel loved :)


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