Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Library

I'm so excited!

Probably a year or two ago, Connie told me that she was getting her books for her Kindle from the library. I went to my library to apply for a card so I could do the same. At the time, my library did not have electronic books. I live in a different county than her, so couldn't go to her library for them. Anyway, I just called the other day to find out if they now have electronic books. Yep! They do!! I'm so excited about that.

I got it all figured out and "borrowed" a book to see if I did it all correctly. No problem. Well, except one. I borrowed the book for just a week and am not ready to read it yet. So, I returned it right away and emailed Connie. I was trying to figure out how you could borrow a book for longer. She directed me to the settings. I set my borrowing time for 3 weeks. That will give me plenty of time to work in a book I've possibly waited for. I average about a book a week, but don't need that pressure when borrowing a book. Problem solved.

Anyway, today, I "borrowed" Gillian Flynn's newest---not really a book per se, but more of a short story. Still, it would have cost me $2.99 to buy it for my Kindle. I love her and have read ALL of her books---she only has 3, so that's not really saying much. She's the author of Gone Girl. Her book Sharp Objects is really good too. Sorry, I digress. When I start talking (or writing) about books, I can go on and on!

I started the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer on Connie's recommendation in December. There are 7 books in the series. I'm on book 6 now. I have This was a Man---book 7 of the Clifton Chronicles "on hold." That means when it's available, I'll be able to get it.  I really didn't want to commit to a 7 book series, but he is one of my favorite authors. If you've never read Jeffery Archer, start with Kane and Abel. I am #83 on the waiting list for 10 copies. Apparently, a LOT of people use the libraries electronic books. Another thing I don't understand---why wouldn't books in cyberspace be unlimited?

That's one of the things I don't like about the Kindle and purchasing electronic books---you can't lend them. Okay, some you can--but they are usually older books or lame books. Even if it's lendable, it is only lendable one time.  What we should have done from the very beginning is to have ONE family account. That way ALL the books anyone in our family purchases would be available to everyone else.

Anyway, since I purchased the first 6 books of this series already, that means I paid $60.00 already. That's a lot of money a month to spend on books. Still, spending money on books is a necessity for me. I'm a prodigious reader---meaning greater than avid! I read 48 books in 2016. I love that I can keep track of the number on my Kindle. Connie is the only person I know who reads more than I do. But then, she stitches less than I do! We only have so much free time...

I'd do anything for books---including selling myself. Okay, that would only buy me the "Cliff notes" these days! Does anyone remember "Cliff notes"?

I am going to save so much money! Gotta' love that.

What is the best book you read in 2016? I'd love to know.


  1. I read 77 books in 2016, a little less than my usual. I use my library a lot, but haven't ventured into the ebooks. I still really like the feel of a book as I'm reading and only use the Kindle when we're traveling lately. We spend a good bit on books, too!

    We stopped by the library yesterday so I would return some books and check out two more. They were having a book sale - 5 cents each for books they'd recently taken out of rotation. We might have come home with a "few". :)

  2. Haha! I'd do anything for books too. I'm thinking Cliffs Notes here also.

    I suspect there isn't unlimited access to the kindle books because the library has had to buy some kind of licence which includes a certain number of copies. Otherwise there is nothing to stop them buying a single copy of the book and sending it out to everyone, in which case the author wouldn't be seeing much of an income.


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