Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Memos, Mail and Me

I got a few things in the mail this past week. 
I got two of these ceiling fixtures. I had planned one for my closet and one for Butch's. But then he informed me that he has two lights in his closet, so I guess both of these will go in there. My closet has florescent lighting, but I was going to take that out just so I could have a nice looking fixture. I still might do it---thinking about it. This light reminds me of my new chandelier. I don't have that yet.
It's official. I'm OLD! Finally, after all of the problems, I got my card. The one thing I don't understand: our social security number is supposed to be sacred. You are supposed to be very careful about keeping it secret and not letting anyone know your number. So, your medicare number is your social security number with a letter added to the end. It's right there on the card for all the world to see (and memorize and commit fraud)! Since you never know who you can trust, I've covered mine up!
And then, there's this. I didn't get this in the mail, but I got this image via EMAIL! I'm counting it. Sandy sent me a really good recipe for Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos that uses these. Maybe I'll share it after I serve it at our farm crop at the end of February.

So that's about it for mail this week. I'm really enjoying this meme. Thanks to Sian for starting it from High in the Sky


  1. Pleased you got the card. What do you mean you are old, never!

  2. Old is a state of mind! You aren't old! But I do know the feeling. We get automatic screening appointments made for us once we're old and my letters have been arriving..

    Wishing you a good week ahead. I love those lights.

  3. Those ceiling fixtures are lovely!

  4. YAY I like being old. I can be as rude as I like and then say "It's because I am old" I am not usually rude to people but sometimes, when people are condescending to me or treat me like a stupid woman (you can see steam come out my ears when they do that) I used to suck it up and say nothing rather than make a fuss. Now I make a fuss and dare them to carry on. I have no choice about being old so rather than spend time denying it and feeling unhappy cos I am old I have decided to make the most of it.

  5. Hurrah for the arrival of your card :). I've never heard of shrimp poppers so looking forward to seeing what you do with them ...

  6. Pretty lights. Cannot wait to see the chandelier. Get yourself a new closet light too. After all, you will be using it all looks the time.


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