Friday, January 20, 2017

A Few Things

I love these "few things" posts. It allows me to use a bunch of random photos.
I always thought my Aunt Marie was beautiful. She's my godmother and even lived with us for a year after our dad died (heart attack at 36---I was the oldest of 7 and 15 years old  at the time)---putting off her own wedding. She is what I dreamed the "good life" was all about. This photos was taken during her modeling years. My sisters and I didn't know she modeled or for how long. She was single until 33. She had many boyfriends and dates, great designer clothes, a brand new turquoise 57 Chevy convertible and had her hair and nails professionally done. In my eyes, she had it all! And she did!
Anyway, at nearly 83, she still is beautiful--inside and out! I'd give anything for her great hair!
My cousin, Judy, gave me this old cookbook for Christmas. It was among her mother's things. This was our childhood Church, that my grandmother and her family also went to. My mom has some of her recipes in this book. I'm thrilled to have it!
It's the cleaning of things like this that makes me continue to love Margarita. She does so many "extra" things that I don't always know about. I had no idea she removes the knobs and cleans the vent on my cooktop. Love her! I'm proud of my cooktop---22 years old and still looks like new!
Mindy sent me this picture of her enjoying her new shoes I got her for Christmas. They are the cutest wedges. The color looks a little deceiving--they are black---matt and patent leather.
I know my friends are sick of hearing about Hello Fresh, but we love it so much. The amount of food they send for two people is ridiculous! These are fingerling potatoes---I put the lemon there for scale. Probably 5 of those would have been enough for the two of us. 
 Downtown Nashville is busy all the time with pedestrian traffic. 
This is around 10 a.m. I'm not sure where all these people are going as most places are not open early on a Sunday. On the other hand, since we're a tourist destination maybe they are. We locals don't go downtown much. Mindy lives there. I was on my way to her condo when I snapped these pictures at a red light. 
Our grocery stores just started selling wine in the summer. Now there are beer bars inside! I guess while the "little lady" does the shopping, her husband can have a drink!

Just a few things until the next time I post a few things!

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  1. These are great fun to read. Keep on posting!


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