Saturday, January 14, 2017

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!

I got home yesterday and Butch said, "well, it's a good thing I don't have a gun!" I thought maybe he was upset about the mess around here with the renovation. I asked him why. He said that if he'd had a gun, he'd probably have shot himself! Sprint has cut his phone off---AGAIN!

You've already heard about our frustration with Sprint. If not, you can go here to find out when it all began.

I cannot tell you how many countless hours we have spent on the phone trying to get this straightened out. I've tried twice, Mindy---once, Stephanie--once (when we finally thought it might be straightened out---and Butch---5 times now!!! They have cut off his service twice. Yesterday was the latest.

When he called to talk to someone he kept getting a recording saying something like, "we see you have called several times. Be assured that the person you talk to is qualified to handle your call." Well, no, they aren't. He kept asking for a supervisor. After finally getting a supervisor, that guy said that all he could do was turn his phone back on. (Side note, isn't it interesting that when your phone is turned off, you can still talk to Sprint?) That guy said that he could not remove the charge in question---and this was a supervisor.

The problem is that Sprint says we owe $134.01---yet no one can say where this charge came from or why we haven't seen it on our bill or any bill for that matter. It makes no sense that it wouldn't be on our bill. Our bill isn't even due until the end of the month, yet this fictitious charge is past due and causing all the trouble. Butch was finally told by that "supervisor" that he needed to talk to someone in "Customer Care." This is something new that none of us had heard before. Finally, now maybe we're getting somewhere. After waiting on hold for another hour, someone came on the line. After explaining the situation again for at least the fiftieth time over the course of all this, the woman told Butch she would check with her supervisor. She came back on the line and said that she could take the charge off. Finally---a resolution---or so we thought!

This morning, Butch got a call from Sprint's "finance department" to figure out how he was going to pay his past due account of $134.01! OMGosh! I could hear the yelling all the way upstairs. He explained that he had spoken to someone in Customer Care and that the charge was supposed to be removed. The "guy" said, "well, sir, this is the finance department. I can't help you. You need to speak to someone in accounts!" What"??? Let me repeat that a little more emphatically: "What the F***!" This is the department we've been trying to reach for a month now!! Accounts!

After nearly another hour wait, Butch gets another guy and goes through the whole story again. When he tells the guy about the Customer Care department and their promise to remove the charge, the guy says that they will have to go back and listen to the recorded call from yesterday to find out exactly what he was told.

Okay, I'm making this way too long. Basically, Butch was on the line for another 2 1/2 hours total today. That guy came back and said that the Customer Care department does not have the authority to remove the charge. So Butch said, "you're telling me that those people lied to me?" The guy said yes!! OMGosh! He said that he finally determined that it was an error on Sprint's part and we do not owe $134.01 (duh!! that's what we've been saying) and the charge would be removed immediately.

Yeah, that's exactly what Butch was told yesterday. We'll see.

I'm telling you, we have had Sprint for 22 years now and have never had a problem. We have a sweet plan---cheap (okay, not cheap, but cheaper!)---and convinced Stephanie to move 3 phones to ours for only $30.00 each. But when our contract is up, we very well may leave. Well, actually, probably not. Our plan is grandfathered in and is such a good deal we probably won't want to leave. But if we were just starting out, we would NEVER go with Sprint!

Be warned!

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