Monday, January 23, 2017

Memos, Mail and Me

Thanks to my friend, Sian From High in the Sky who has started this meme for 2017. It's about what interesting things you got in the mail the past week. I'm a little late to the party, but here goes.

I was looking forward to getting this large box of 12x12 scrapbook papers for AYM (A Year of Memories). I sorted it and figured out what I'm going to use together for the kits this year.

 I'm pretty excited about all of the choices. It's going to be a colorful year for our book of "story starters." One of my favorite things to do is to put kits together for my group. If anything, they've learned that you can make any story and photos work with any papers. They are becoming quite the storytellers. I'm very proud of them. After all, it's about the story and that's why I still do this!
And then, there's this. I got not one, but two letters from Social Security. Apparently, I'm on Medicare as they are quick to send what extra I'm going to pay. Yet, I still have not received my "welcome" post or member card. As a result, I had to postpone my new treatment. The longer I have to wait, the more nervous I become!

This next week, I'm expecting a few fun things for the renovation. I should have something more fun to show on Monday.


  1. gorgeous papers Barbara, I agree it's all about the storytelling. I hope you get your treatment started soon.

  2. How frustrating. I hope you can start your new treatment very soon.

    A delivery of scrapbook paper? Lead the way! Has to be one of best kinds of mail there is.

  3. Those papers will make some gorgeous pages~hoping you can start your treatment some and get that behind you :)

  4. What a wonderful box of scrappy goodness - so much FUN!!!


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