Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I was tempted to post this during the holidays, but didn't since I wanted to keep this game a surprise for the family. I came across this on some blog last year--have no idea where.  I just filed the idea away.

It's really easy and a great way to use up some little things you might have lying around. Otherwise, it could cost you a fortune---as one friend attested to. She had nearly $100 in her "ball."

 It's a saran wrap ball (although mine looked more like a cube) full of goodies.

You can see the candies, but there were post-it notes, bandaids, purse size kleenex and hand sanitizer, gift card, money, lottery tickets, raisins, key chains, gloves, earrings, necklaces, pencils, erasers, etc. You can put anything in it. Mine was the size of a volleyball.

To play, the youngest goes first and starts unwrapping while the person to their left rolls two dice to get doubles. When that person gets doubles, the ball passes to them and they get to unwrap until the next person gets doubles. It's exciting because you can see what's coming up long before you can actually get to it.

For very little people, I had them roll a six to get the ball since I thought doubles would be a harder concept for them.

I had to set one important rule---you cannot just stand up and let the ball unroll itself---you have to physically unwrap it.

I made three balls this season--but you can do it at any time of year. Actually, I made the one for Sandy and family and then took it apart. I got to thinking that even if I packed it in my suitcase, it might be confiscated. I used one roll of saran wrap. You can wrap and wrap, but tear it off sometimes and start again. That will slow things down some as each person tries to find an "end."

Have fun with it. I can see doing a theme would be fun too!


  1. We used to play something similar when we were little with objects wrapped inside wrapping paper or newspaper: it was known as Pass The Parcel. This looks like an interesting adult version.

  2. I've always loved Pass The Parcel. Little E makes it for us to play on CHristmas Eve. Maybe next year I'll challenge him to do a giant version.


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