Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Frustrations and Friday Funnies

Starting with the frustrating part--it's all about concerts. It's hard to get decent tickets and the prices are out-of-this-world! Think Taylor Swift and you can imagine my frustration. Let's suffice it to say, we didn't get those tickets. 

But, Mindy did get us tickets for Shania Twain. The concert was at our new soccer stadium. I had never been there before, but Mindy had. She warned us of some of the logistic problems there. Parking is a nightmare. The stadium people somehow didn't plan properly for that. They only have 3,000 parking spaces for 17,000 people. Too bad they didn't consult with Butch!! Back in the day, he was the expert on parking for stadiums across the United States (okay, bragging a little).

Anyway, we'll start from there. The plan was we would meet at Stephanie's at 3:30 p.m. to go to dinner. Which we did--and had a nice one at Emery's Wood Fired in the 12 South area. The plan was that Nicky was going to take us and drop us off at the concert. Then we would get a Lyft home. But after hearing horror stories about how hard it is to get one after any venue, we decided to chance it and drive. My thought was we could get close and walk. It ended up taking us an hour and fifteen minutes to slowly make our way through the traffic. I did not have high hopes that we would find parking where I wanted to, but we did. We were able to park on someone's lawn for $30.00--just a couple blocks away. That was not new to us as we've done that for years when going to the flea market or other events at the fairgrounds. 

We got to the concert with 15 minutes to spare. Then it was the bathroom line and concessions line. We missed the first part of the opening act--Breland. Next up was Kelsey Ballerini. We noticed right away that the acoustics were awful. You couldn't understand the words. Most of the time, I couldn't even recognize the song until about halfway through. 

When Shania came out, she sang her first song. Then the stage went dark. I knew that she was having a costume change. She only had one, but still, there was dead space between each song. Also, it was annoying that she kept messing with her blonde wig and earpiece. It seemed like she wasn't comfortable with either. She didn't really interact with the audience or say much between songs. It was just odd. 

Then at one point, she brought a family of 7 people on stage. We had no idea what was going on. She hugged each one and talked to them, but we couldn't understand what was said. Then she hugged them all again as they exited the stage. At that point, it was so obvious that she had lost the momentum of the crowd. I looked around and then pointed out to the girls--everyone in the entire stadium was sitting down. I have never seen that. 

It wasn't long before I asked the girls if they wanted to leave. We were all ready. Plus, leaving before the concert ended meant that we could avoid some of the traffic. We weren't the only ones who left early. There were many, many people leaving. We have never left a concert early--it was that bad!

I'm not saying it was all her. It just wasn't a great experience. And for what you pay for tickets, you expect to have a good time. I did have a great time with my girls. We won't be going back there again, that's for sure. Once was enough.

Now of to some "funny" stuff!

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