Friday, March 17, 2017

Personal Quiz

I just love these sort of things:
✍ Tattoos - none, but I was tempted to let my grandchildren choose one for me.
😷 Surgeries - not counting babies, 3--two toes an an ankle.
πŸ₯Broken Bones - wrist (2), arm, foot (2), ankle
πŸ”« Shot a gun - yes, used to squirrel hunt as a teen with a boyfriend. Never got one.
πŸ˜• Quit a job -yes.
✈️ Flown on a plane - yes
πŸš™πŸ’¨ Driven 100mph - never, I'd be way too scared!
🚁 Rode in a helicopter - no, but i want to.
⛑ Gone zip lining -yes---so much fun!
🍼 Watched someone give birth - no but I wish I had.
😯 Watched someone dying -yes-very emotional.
πŸ˜‡ Saved a life- no
🏈 Been to an NFL game - yes, but only for love!
🍁 Been to Canada - no
πŸš‘ Ridden in an ambulance - no and hope I never have to.
🏦 Visited Washington D.C. - yes
🌞 Visited Florida - Yes
πŸ—» Visited Colorado - yes
πŸŽ‰ Visited Mexico- yes
🎲 Visited Vegas - yes
Eaten alone at a restaurant - yes
🎀 Sang karaoke-Yes-with my bff while doing the locomotion!
🎿 Been downhill skiing - yes---one of my favorite experiences
🎼 Ability to read music - no
🚡 Rode a motorcycle - no
πŸ‡ Rode a horse - yes
πŸ₯ Stayed in a hospital - Yes-after childbirth
πŸ’‰ Donated blood - Yes and platelets
πŸ• Slept outside - yes, many campouts
πŸš— Driven a stick shift - Yes, my first job depended on it.
πŸš“ Rode in a Police Car - never and I hope I never do.
πŸ˜‡ Grandkids - yes- 5
😎 Great Grandkids- Not yet
🚀 Driven a Boat -Yes
🐌 Eaten Escargot -Yes, before I realized they were slugs!
πŸ‘½Seen a UFO- no
🚒 Been on a cruise- yes
⛽️ Run out of gas- yes
🍣 Eat Sushi - yes

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