Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's Time

Well after 4 years with my iPhone 5, I was ready to upgrade to the new iPhone 7. It's time. I was concerned about the size because I really loved my 5. I didn't get the gigantic one---the 7 I got is the same size as the smaller 6. Turns out, it didn't take me any time to get used to it. Plus, it helped that I watched about 3 hours of videos to learn about all of the features.
 I decided to retire my old phone and put it next to the really old phone in my scrapbook room.
It's amazing how phones have changed over the years. I really am pretty happy that I've experienced all of the phones in between too. I know that it makes me seem old, but then again, I'm getting there. I used to know all of our phone numbers, but can't remember them anymore. We did get rid of our landline about a year ago. I still use that phone number now and then as it's linked to frequent buyer programs at some stores around here.
And so it's about time I retire the old rolodex too. Stephanie told me that the easiest way to do it would be---that as I use a card, pull it out and enter the information in to my phone. I've started with these two. I'm going to actively start pulling cards every few days until I get them all entered in to my phone. 
Here's my new phone. I love it! I adjusted to the size pretty quickly. I had a few issues with my calendar syncing with my laptop that I had to figure out, but everything is working fine now. The only thing I can't figure out is how to make a song that I have on my phone--my ringer. I hate all of the pre-loaded ones on the phone. I'll just call Apple tech support when I have a little time. I like doing that better than going in to the store.
And of course, I had to have a new Kate Spade case. I do love Kate Spade! You might notice that the old one above is all chipped up. Well, that's 4 years of wear and tear. I like my "stuff" and I keep my "stuff!" But after 4 years, it was time. And I'm happy with that!


  1. New phones make for interesting times. If you are keeping all your contact information in your phone, do make sure it is being backed up someplace other than on the phone or its chip. Double and triple check your settings - there have been horror stories when people have assumed on this point. I like Kate Spade too - so classy!! In fact, my Kate Spade watch is so sleek and slim, that the battery place couldn't figure out how to open it to replace the battery. Guess I will Google that and/or take it to a jewelers.

  2. I always admire how you get stuck into a new gadget and get it working in no time. I have to be dragged kicking and screaming!

  3. I've been clearing stuff out and agreeing with retiring a Rolodex. The one problem I've had with that is when a friend texted to see if I knew her previous address from a few years ago.... Nope, as I now only have the contacts in my phone/computer.

  4. I really like seeing old phones & have a little collection of them myself! That pink one is great! I still have a paper address book, but have been adding everything to a spreadsheet throughout the year, so it'll be gone soon. Enjoy your new phone!


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