Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Travel Tuesday

Would you believe me if I told you I was on another trip? Well, I was! This one was our mother/daughter's trip to Savannah, Georgia. 
From the left, clockwise--Angie, Jackie, Mindy, Jeanne, me, Stephanie and Sandy. Janet is taking the picture.

We arrived around 1 p.m. on Thursday. We stayed at the Marshall House Hotel--it's a haunted hotel dating back to when it was a hospital during the Civil War and also housed many people during the yellow fever pandemic--where hundreds died.

The picture above was taken at the Little Duck Diner where we went for lunch.
We had a variety of mimosas with those cute little ducks floating! They are little rubber duckies. Apparently, it's a "thing" to put a little duck in the grill of a Jeep. I've never heard of it, but I'm going to do it. Here's what I found on the internet about it: "Ducking Jeeps" is the latest craze to hit the tight-knit Jeep community. The concept is very simple: Jeep owners buy some mini rubber ducks, write some messages or drawings on them and leave them on or in other Jeeps — just to make other Jeep owners smile.

The first night we arrived, we took a "ghosts and graveyard" tour at 9 p.m.
It was pretty hokey and stupid, as you can see by the bored faces here! Can you tell they are having fun??

The next day, we had a Segway tour--all to ourselves. Angie and Jackie had never ridden a Segway before. We all loved it.

A segway tour is the most fun way to see a city. You get the historical aspect as well as having the fun of riding the Segway.

After our ride, we went around the corner to line up at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House for lunch.

The food is served family style. Since there were 8 of us, we got a table to ourselves.
It's "all you can eat" for $30 per person.
There were 29 offerings counting dessert:
It was all delicious. Of course, Stephanie--or maybe it was Mindy--or maybe Sandy turned it into and activity. We had to name our two favorite things. As it turns out, the squash casserole was the biggest hit.

The cousins!

One of the restaurants we wanted to go to was Ye Olde Pink House. I made the reservations last April or May. Even then, they did not have a table for 8 left. We had to break up to two tables of four. Sooo, we did what we always do, turned the drawing for who would be at which table in to a game. We drew for tables---#1 and #2. We were in a bar when we did it. So, that meant we had to team up for a little Skee ball (but they called it something else) and pinball. Team #1 was me, Angie, Janet and Stephanie. Team #2 was Jeanne, Jackie, Sandy and Mindy. At the end of our games, we were tied for the winners.

When we met up to go to dinner, team #2 just HAD to "outdo" team #1. 
They are so clever! I just wish I'd thought of it!! They rubbed it in all night with their matching hats--making quite a spectacle of themselves at the restaurant!

We don't go anywhere without geo-caching. We wound up at the Liberty Cemetery.
Jackie does a great job with the "selfies."
We took a 3 hour culinary tour which took us to an English pie shop. It was called "The Little Crown Pie Society." It was the cutest shop---with a pub! We had to try the Nutella shots!

These are just a sampling of the 170+ pictures we took. I learned something new--and so awesome from Jackie. She created a "shared album" for all of us. That way all pictures are in one place and you don't have to keep sending them to everyone. It worked like a breeze. Luckily we ALL had iPhones so that worked for us. Once I got home, I edited the pictures to suit me--without changing anything for anyone else. Really simple and so handy! The trip was worth it just for that!!

We had so much fun, that we've vowed to have these trips more often. Maybe when the other mother/daughters in the family see this, they'll want to join in! We hope so! Until our next trip in 2024...


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