Monday, November 21, 2022

Monday Mystery

The Case of the Facebook Block

I look at Facebook when I'm on the treadmill in the morning. I save anything that looks interesting or that I might like to read--later. I cannot type on the treadmill, so reading is just about it---or watching short videos. Once I've perused Facebook, I go to my saved list and start to look at/read all the things--all organized in categories: entertainment, news, gifts, recipes, style and beauty, etc. You know me. I'm obsessive about organization.

Anyway, yesterday as I was going through some of my saved items, I got this message:

What? I've been blocked? I've never misused anything in my life! And certainly not Facebook. I didn't even know that "going too fast" was a "thing!" 

Apparently, this is how I was accused of going too fast. I would open something to read. I might get into it for a sentence or two and decide I wasn't really interested after all and then "unsave" it. Or, I'd start a little video clip and decide there were too many commercials and "unsave" it. Is that a crime?

I guess if you save some thing to look at later, you really have to look at it! Seriously, I felt like I'd been reprimanded from the Facebook cops! Like I'd really done something wrong! I didn't! Still I was punished. I'm not sure how long but an hour later, I was still blocked. I went about my business for the day. When I went back around 4 and looked at it, I wasn't blocked anymore. 

The thing is, how I approach these saved items has not changed. I have been zipping through them for years. Why all of a sudden did I "get in trouble?" 

It's definitely a mystery to me. Maybe I want to go fast. Although, I have never been accused of being "fast"--if you know what I mean! Okay, so sue me. On second thought, don't! I guess I better slow down. Actually, there's really not much I do slow. I guess I am fast. Guilty as charged!

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  1. Oh boy, you really were in trouble! Am I getting old by thinking that that was a ridiculous thing to have happened? ;-)


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