Monday, November 14, 2022

Monday Mystery

The Case of the Missing Plant Trays.

A couple weeks ago, it was time to bring the plants in from outside. We keep those pots in the sunroom throughout the winter as they cannot survive the winter. 

This year, Butch couldn't find the plant trays. We have to have the plant trays to capture the excess water. It doesn't matter when the plants are outside, but inside, it can be a soppy mess. 

We both looked everywhere. I said that most likely they were either in the garage or the pool shed. He said he wouldn't have put them there. He searched, I searched. Neither of us came up with them.

Sooo, he bought some new ones. I helped him move the plants and align them with the plastic trays. When we were finished, he said, "Hmmm. I thought I bought the exact amount. Looks like we have one leftover." He gave it to me to put away. I too it to the laundry room where I have plant pots and gardening gloves in the cabinet under the sink. Lo and behold, there were the missing plant trays!! 
Yep, that means, I put them there. In my defense, I was picturing black, rectangular plastic trays. Actually, that's not much of a defense. You would think that when I saw the exact same trays from last year, I might have remembered! But I didn't. You can bet I won't forget them again!
I'm trying an experiment this year. Although the sunroom is heated, it's very cold--with solid windows on three sides. It's so cold that my sago palms are affected. I wasn't really sure, but each year, I've always had one seem to die--completely gone. You might remember my miracle a few years ago when one that I thought was dead came back to life? Here's my post from earlier this spring. 

Well, this year, I've put the palms on the wall closest to the house---not up against the windows--which looks nicer. Since we don't use the sunroom in the winter, it doesn't really matter. So, we'll see if they all survive this year.

The Case of the Missing Plant Trays--Solved!


  1. Isn't it weird, you hunt high and low for something you know you haven't got rid of, and the minute you buy replacements, you find the originals!

  2. 3rd time typing - Yes, this happened to us all the time, but during the pandemic we made an effort to eliminate the occurrences of keeping like things in different places. It has helped (but now I have jinxed myself, no doubt.)

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