Thursday, November 17, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. Right in time for holiday cooking. I don't know if you've heard about this trick for softening butter. Pour boiling water in a glass for a couple minutes. Empty and invert glass over the butter. I haven't tried it, but I should. How often have I had a melty mess in the microwave? Too often!

2. I can't tell if this is the front of the car or the back of the car. We had a Volkswagen that had a compartment in the back. We let our kids sleep back there on long trips. Now it seems terrible. But, back then, it was just normal. I wonder how our kids every survived!

3. Words of wisdom here. I admit, I love my Kate Spade bags, but they aren't $300. 

4. I love these throwback photos. I wish we'd thought to do something like this---take a photo from 50 years ago and then go back. I can't really think of any we have that would work like this.

5. This makes so much sense. It just proves, walking is all you need for everything---your heart and soul! 

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  1. I would rather have 3 $100 bags than 1 $300 bag, but I am to the age that I think I should be able to have nice handbags - so I have no interest in 10 $30 bags.


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