Saturday, November 5, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

I already showed you how I used photos to do the titles. Each one has been personalized to the album that it's going to be used in.

Let me start by saying, that you could easily make an entire album out of this trip. In fact, you can make a whole album on just about every trip. We are traveling like crazy--and I do not want to have dozens of albums of different trips. Instead, I prefer to have 10-12 trips in each travel album. So, I HAVE to make the most of the space and figure out creative ways to include the most photos possible. 

This is how the layout looks when you turn to it in the album. It looks just like a double-page spread. Then the magic happens. You start opening everything up to expose tons of pictures. the envelope on the right has the itinerary on top. The trip notes are inside---mine and Butch's. 
Each side folds out---I used simple file folders. You can see on the upper right--"the Animals"--a "waterfall" that allows me to put a lot of photos on the page. I think there are twelve here--simply layered on top of each other. They are easy to flip through.
I added an insert page by cutting down a regular page to make it fit inside. The flowers were from one of the camps where they left us notes made with the petals.
The backside of the insert page.
I used Kraft cardstock as the base--it went well with an animal layout. There wasn't a lot of room for extra paper, but I added bits and pieces here and there to replicate the plaids of the African blankets that were so prevalent everywhere.
I added a clear pocket to hold some Kenyan dollars, Tanzanian coins, a couple rocks and a stamp.

So, the proof is in the pudding. This layout uses 81 photos. It was really hard to narrow it down. But there's enough to get a good representation of the entire trip. Plus the entire story is there too! 

I did four of these--each one with personalized pictures depending whose album it was going in. Once I did the first one, replicating it was easy. Still, each layout took me 3 hours. 

It was fun. And I put a really good dent in the 500 pictures I ordered!!

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  1. What a great way to record memories of an amazing trip! I bet you had fun making them too.


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