Wednesday, October 26, 2022

What I Buy Wednesdays

Well, I started my Christmas shopping while we were at the beach. Internet shopping, so I won't be sharing any of those purchases. But, a few days before we went, I got the "sale" postcard from Talbots in the mail. They were running their "40% off the entire store" sale. I just had to go! So I did! 

Now don't be fooled by this picture. It would appear that I do not need anymore pants. 
But, I do! I needed some nicer slacks. Most of these are either jeans, capris and others that are more for summer. So, I bought 4 new pairs--2 navy and 2 black in different styles. 

However, I started with an armful of tops and sweaters. And then I remembered this:
I don't need anymore tops or sweaters.Oh wait, I did buy another crisp, white blouse. Because, well, you can never have too many---AND---everybody needs at least one in their closet! 40% off I could not resist! (Notice very few hangers are still turned around. Those are the sweaters that are just now starting to be needed. I've proven to myself that I really wear just about everything in my closet).

I managed to steer clear of jackets and pashminas/scarves.
I keep most of my coats and jackets in the hall closet. I use my pashminas ALL the time! I travel with at least 4 to go with various outfits.

When we go to the outlet mall at the beach (Silver Sands), I have specific stores I always visit. Talbots, Kate Spade, Coach and Cole Haan. On this trip, I didn't bother to go in Coach or Kate Spade because I was with Butch and I knew he would not want to be shopping for too long.

I did stop in Cole Haan. That store is always hit or miss for me. But, some of my favorite shoes are from there.
I bought this stylish pair of black (sort of mesh) shoes. They are going to be my new travel shoes. They are very lightweight and so comfortable. I've been pretty tired of the pair I've been using for at least 5-7 years. 

Then, I could resist this pair of waterproof boots.
I actually needed a nice pair of snow boots. Not that we ever get much snow here in Nashville, but we do go places where there is snow. I like the little leopard print. They are really comfortable too. I'll be wearing them in Canada this December, New York in January and Colorado in February! 

Anyway, that's if for "what I buy Wednesdays" this week. I'm all set for awhile!

What new things have you bought lately?

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