Saturday, October 8, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

I've never had a chance to share about my scrapbook weekend a few weeks ago. I can't remember if I shared photos of the place. 

It's huge and fits our needs perfectly. We can really spread out.

This was the second time we'd gone here. We're scheduled for February. The guy who owns the place let us rent directly with him saving us over $900 in fees! He loves us. I thought he might be shaking his head over having to deal with us and the tv problems. But there are no clear instructions to operate it--which leads to calls to him. Jeanne, who handles the reservations, said he told her that he got a new tv! Surely we can handle it on our own now!

Besides helping a friend complete an album--which I'll share at another time, I managed to do 18 double-page layouts of my own. 

This is the "Camp Aunt Barb" layout that I planned for Jeanne, Janet, and me. They are a little out-of-order. 
This is what the layout looks like when you first open it.
Another view of the same page.

It was coincidental that I had completed this page before I heard of the queen's passing.
This was the round robin layout that Janet did for me.
Another round robin layout--Karolyn did this one.
This is the layout I did for Butch's album. I like for each spread to be within the confines one double-page spread.
There are always lots of pictures when it comes to vacations and trips.
I manage to get a lot on the layout by adding folders and page extensions.
I always sit down with Butch and have him go through and pick out his favorites. On this layout, I managed to include 38 photos! 

I've spent quite a bit of time this week getting everything organized for scrapbooking our safari. I'll be doing 4 layouts--one for our travel album, then one each for Stephanie's, Jordan's, and Morgan's albums. I have an album going for each family member. When it's full, I give it to them. 

For the safari project, I had nearly 500 pictures printed. It was so hard to choose--all those animals. It's really coming along. I can't wait to share it!

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  1. I enjoyed checking these out. Your busy life certainly fills up those pages -- 18 doubles is quite the accomplishment.


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