Sunday, October 23, 2022

Something for Sunday

So, we're at the beach. I'm the most relaxed that I've been in a long time. Actually, that's a lie!

The truth of it is, I've been totally stressed out because I left ALL of my charging cords at home!! Okay, Butch has his phone cord, so I can borrow that. But, my computer and iPad cords are the same---but different than Butch's---so I'm SOL there. And then my Kindle started to die. OMGosh! Yes, I'm addicted to my computer AND the internet, but I cannot go without my book. C*A*N*N*O*T!!! I do have an alternative--the Kindle app on my phone. But that's not really good. It's okay when I'm out and about or in a pinch--but it's not great. And then, wouldn't you know it---I got a message that my Fitbit battery was running low. OMGosh!

Sheesh! It seems my whole life revolves around electronics! It's kinda true. 

I went to Walmart to see if I could find a cord for my iPad/computer since that's the most important. When I got home, it turned out to be a "lightening" cord--which is meant to be used to transfer photos from your phone to a computer. In the meantime, we found a portable charger that we had down here that had some different "hook-ups." It seemed to have what I need, but was so extremely slow. Plus, I'm a little uneasy using things that are not specifically made for my Apple products. 

I took the lightening cord back the next day and found something else. When we got that home, it didn't work---on anything. There was a phone cord included with that one which didn't work either. Those were obviously defective. Back to the store. Now we decided that we'd just bite the bullet and drive in to Destin to Best Buy. 

Best Buy was a real "trip"! and I don't mean in a good way. When we got there, we found the area we needed to be in, but couldn't really figure out the connectors. I needed to be able to see them to know if they would work. The boxes were sealed shut. I was trying to find someone to help me. There were not enough workers and too many people needing help. To make a long story short, let's suffice it to say, that I came home with something. And yes, it works, but it's so ridiculously slow it's hardly worth it.

So, you might think that I could just "unplug" for a few days. Well, that could be true if the project I was planning on working on could be done without my computer.

A friend of mine has done all kinds of research on her family genealogy. There is tons of information. She told me that she couldn't even look at it anymore. I told her that I would love to edit it for her. As it turns out, it's pretty mind boggling and had my head spinning too. In fact, I had to take many breaks to clear my brain. Some people share names, have initials as names and then one of the main characters has a "girl's" name that kept me confused for awhile. Still, it's my kind of "thing!" I love this kind of organizing job. I'm good at it. Basically, it's a huge puzzle. I feel like I'm back in school working on a huge research project.

I started (at home) by printing out all the information that she had--about a dozen pages of notes--going off in many tangents. 

Once I started here, I cut each bit of information and starting putting the snippets in a more organized fashion. I had printed out a couple blank family trees and family group sheets. But I quickly realized that neither of those would work--there was way more information than there were spots for. So instead, I began building a family tree using post-it notes.
This was just the beginning. 

I'm not finished, but have a pretty clear idea of how to approach it and make it easier to read and understand. 

So now you know why I need my computer!! I'm thoroughly enjoying working on this project. Oh the hours! The things I do!!! Butch just shakes his head! I've found many discrepancies, but also discovered a few new things. I'm not near done. I haven't even begun the "re-write!" I should finish up the organizing tomorrow and then I'll be ready to start the story.

I haven't even been down to the beach and really have no plans to. I always say that I like coming to the beach because it makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I can do anything I want. The same is true of home, but for some reason, I have a lot of regular stuff to do there. It's really not like vacation at home. Here, my time is totally my own!

I brought my stitching too. I've gone as far on an ornament as I can--I ran out of one of my fibers. All that's left after that is the beading. I didn't want to drag my needlework stand down here, so I'll finish it when I get home. I just wish I had brought another ornament to work on. I like small things like this for travel projects.

Now it's 8:30 on Saturday night. We went to 5 p.m mass and then to dinner at our most favorite place---Cafe Tango. We shared the crab and corn chowder (loaded with fresh crab), a wedge salad and each got our own entree. Butch got the lobster ravioli while I had pan seared grouper with a jalape├▒o cream sauce (not spicy at all) with crabmeat and shrimp on top. The food is so delicious! We brought home leftovers for dinner tomorrow. 

We got home, watched Survivor and then I decided to head to bed--to write this post and read. Butch is watching football. 

Tomorrow, I plan to read in bed for awhile. Butch will bring me my tea--as he always does when I choose to stay in bed to read. It's really my favorite thing. I don't get to do it the often because I usually have to be on my treadmill first thing in the morning. See what I mean about the beach?

Then I plan to make avocado toast for breakfast. He's going to fish and I'll be back tackling my project. 

Can't wait! So see, I am sorta relaxed!

We'll be heading home on Monday.


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  1. Oh how much we rely on technology without realising it! My current iPhone came with a fast charge plug which halved the time needed to charge and it makes you realise how slow the others are! You won't forget your leads and cables next time you go.
    I bet that your friend's family tree is keeping you busy - it's such a fascinating thing to do. I wonder how far back you will be able to go? I love those tv programmes where they do all the hard work for celebrities, so many tales to tell!


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