Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!

So, over the weekend, Morgan sent me these pictures of her and "the boys!" I just had to laugh!!
I'm laughing becasue:
1. It looks like she's getting ready to carve pumpkins with them.
2. At first I thought she had them in aprons.
3. But then I realized, it's their cute little Halloween neckerchiefs!
How darn cute is this? And everyone knows, I don't even like dogs!! Still, I can appreciate cuteness---sometimes!! But not when a dog tries to trip me up at the drugstore!!
The pumpkins came out really good!! I wonder if "the boys" were involved at all! We haven't carved pumpkins in years!! Hers are pretty cool, but this one is amazing!
I love it so much. I am not artistic--and definitely not with pumpkins.

Here's a clever idea that I saw recently:
It's rice crispy treats (with lots of red dye and candy eyes). When I first saw them, I thought it was ground beef--and a Halloween prank by some grocery store. Considering I do not like rice crispy treats, I have to admit, you can adapt them to just about anything.

And finally, I thought this was hilarious!!

I hope you have lots of trick or treaters tonight!

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  1. We never have trick or treaters as we are just a bit off the beaten path. And this year I didn't even buy candy "just in case" as it isn't on my diet!


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