Sunday, October 9, 2022

Something for Sunday

It's a great week for me when I get to go to the theater twice in the same week!
Nancy, Connie, and I have our season tickets on Tuesday nights--mostly because the shows begin at 7:30 p.m. At our age, a half hour makes a big difference! As the show began, I kept thinking, "that sounds like Adam Pascal. Wait, IS it Adam Pascal? No, can't be. He looks a little like him, maybe he has a brother." Still, I was back and forth the entire first act. During intermission, I checked the program and indeed it was Adam Pascal. I was so excited. I've loved him ever since seeing him in Aida in 1999 in New York with Mindy--she was 15. Then he was in Rent, the movie--he made his Broadway debut in Rent on stage--along with Idina Menzel. They went to high school together. 

I went to St. Louis and took my niece, Ranya to see Adam in Rent along with Anthony Rapp. I took the girls to New York to see Adam in Memphis (we didn't love that show, but we loved him). Finally, we saw him in Something Rotten here in Nashville. On the way home, I told Connie and Nancy that if I was with the girls, we would be waiting outside the stage door! Anyway, we loved Pretty Woman.

Then, on Friday night, Stephanie, Mindy, and I went to see Aida. Secretly I was hoping that somehow Adam would make a guest appearance. I knew it couldn't really happen since he was performing Pretty Woman at the exact same time. Still, I had my fingers crossed. Turns out, it was just a total coincidence.

Stephanie and Mindy with their hubs have their season tickets for the Sunday matinee. Then this happened.
They waited outside the stage door after the show and got a picture. I was so jealous!! Mindy had actually met him once before after Something Rotten. When I saw this picture, I was having flashbacks of this:
Mindy and I had gone back to the hotel to drop stuff off after the matinee performance in New York. Sandy and Stephanie just happened to see Hugh Jackman at the stage door.
We had come specifically to see him in The Music Man. I couldn't believe I missed him!

Seems like I'm always "a day late and a dollar short!"

Still, anytime I get to see two shows in a week---it's a good week! I'm excited to be going to New York at the end of January with my sisters-in-law, Janet and Sharon. I'll be seeing at least two shows--maybe three if I can work it in. I want to be able to say that I saw The Phantom of the Opera on its final run before closing in February. 

And then, I'm taking ALL the girls--including the granddaughters to New York in June--for the first time. I love theater and I love New York. I can't stay away!

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