Thursday, October 20, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. Great idea!
This looks so pretty, but I also believe, it could result in a sloppy, rotting mess on the street/sidewaks.

2. I've actually seen someone whose nails were like this. 
I'm not sure if I like it--I prefer a flatter nail--not so pointy. But I'm pretty sure my granddaughter Elizabeth would be all over this!

3. Nature amazes me. But I have to admit...
...I've never actually seen anything like this in person.

4. Apparently, decades ago, fresh air was considered crucial for children.
Maybe this was a good idea, but it looks scary to me. Another thing, couldn't this lead to a lifelong fear of heights? On the other hand, children aren't usually scared of anything.

5. I've never tried these cookies, but they certainly seem easy enough!
I really need to try them--soon!

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