Monday, October 10, 2022

Me on Monday

I sent this picture to all the girls, including the grands about a week ago.
I captioned it with, "Dressing up my jeans with a crisp white. Everyone needs one in their closet!" 
I got a variety of responses and emojis. The story goes back to a year ago when I hired a photographer to take family pictures since we were ALL going to be together for Butch's 70th birthday. I can't remember the last time we were all together! It doesn't happen often enough!

Anyway, I asked everyone to wear a white top with jeans. I had no idea the "pushback" I would get. Turns out that just about all of them had to BUY something! I couldn't believe it. I picked white because I thought that would be so easy! Little did I know that, apparently, no one has a white top in their closet! I have at least a dozen!!

Luckily, they all complied--which made for a nice family picture!

Am I wrong? Doesn't everybody have a white top?


  1. I have only got one - I'm a bit like Pigpen in Charlie Brown, put me in a pale, plain top and I guarantee I will spill something down me!

  2. Until last year, when prodded by You Tube videos on classic wardrobes, it had been 20+ years since my professional days when one hung in my closet. For years after that, I would wear it with jeans and a double-breasted navy blazer to style up the look. The one I have now requires ironing, so it doesn't get used much. I should have purchased a no iron version from Foxcroft or Lands End, because it should look crisp as well as being white, I agree.


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