Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday!

Well, my big purchase has not come in! It was supposed to arrive yesterday. Instead, I was informed that it's due either the 31st or September 1st. If it doesn't arrive today, then I'm afraid I'll be wide open for "porch pirating" again! We're leaving for Atlanta on Thursday, so there's that. Fingers crossed that it will arrive tomorrow, but I don't really have high hopes for that.

So, instead of my "buy" post, I thought I'd share this cute text I got from Margarita. She comes every Monday to clean. Since we're going to be gone so much during September, I gave her a schedule--in English--for the month. Although we have a communication problem--regularly, her son, Kevin is fluent. I can always rely on him to interpret for her. He's a junior in high school this year. Margarita has been with us for about 20 years--before Kevin was born. I've learned to play a lot of charades with her!

Anyway, here's the note I gave her:

Hi Margarita, 

Just thought I'd let you know what's coming up for the next few weeks. 


September 5—holiday—day off

September 12—clean and water all plants—inside and out

September 19—water all plants—inside and out—sweep or blow out the garage—not necessary to do any house cleaning

September  26—water all plants—inside and out—no cleaning necessary

We’re going to be out-of-town quite a bit, so there’s no need to clean a “clean” house!! But, I would appreciate it if you could water all of my plants. Then you can just go home and not work all day.

Thanks so much!


Here is the response she texted me later in the day:

Hello, Mrs. Barbara. Thank you for the extra money.  and if God allows me, I will be there in September.  and also thank you for being so cute 💕


OMGosh! Is that not adorable? I just love her! We're lucky to have her!

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  1. Margarita sounds lovely - I bet you return to find your plants have been well looked after!
    What a shame your package hasn't arrived in time. Do you think the delivery guy will maybe take the package back to the depot rather than leave it on show on your porch? I hope it stays safe!


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