Tuesday, August 9, 2022

It's Always Something!

And our "always something" is just about always the pool! 

We now have a pool leak. That means American Leak Detection has to come out. I think they have the corner on the market because the price to come out is astronomical. In fact, they sent the contract in advance for me to sign before they even step foot on the property! 

And as if this isn't enough, this happened:
We saw this sticking up out of the pool one morning. 

Wait for it...
Have you figured it out yet?
There it is.
An umbrella in the pool.
Another one bites the dust!
I cannot count how many umbrellas we've had blow into the pool. Three times, the umbrella took the table in with it! After the second glass top got broken in the pool--which is a huge mess to get cleaned up--we switched to an all-metal table. Of course, it's our fault. We're not always diligent about putting the umbrellas down. But, it's usually not windy in the heat of summer!

Two years in a row with nothing but pool problems. We're about ready to fill it in. Butch has been threatening it for years. I'm just about in agreement! 

The only good news--if you can call it good news--is that the pool was NOT responsible for our AC leak in the attic. We thought that the pipe where the condensation leaves the house was blocked off due to the pool problems. All of that stuff is located in the same area. Instead we found out that the "fail safe" that is to prevent something like this happening "failed." Just our luck! Now we get to replace part of the ceiling and have it re-painted. Not looking forward to that mess. 

Like I said, it's always sumpthin'!

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  1. Well, I am glad that you solved both mysteries. I am not surprised that pool services are outrageous, as the demand went sky high during the pandemic. Aggravations aside, I am betting that you keep the pool for a few more years.


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