Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts About...

...the dangerous stairs. They sort of speak for themselves:

Besides the curve, those steps get really narrow on the one side. Plus, they are steep. Anyway, when our grands were little I made a rule that they were not allowed to use the "dangerous stairs." That extended to "the littles" for all the years they've been coming to Camp Aunt Barb. 

Well, on Sunday, which also happened to be our 51st anniversary, Butch said, "Barb, I think you should use the back steps." I looked at him kinda' funny. What, you're telling me that I'm not allowed to use the "dangerous stairs?" 

Now mind you, I used to fall on those stairs pretty regularly. Not all the way down or anything very serious. More like slips because I was always moving fast and running around in socks. I still tend to move around pretty fast and have been having some dizziness when I jump up and start moving. So Butch made that comment because I do jump up when I'm in my scrapbook room and start moving pretty fast. But what he doesn't know is that I NEVER come down those steps without holding on to the handrail. Also, I no longer run around the house in socks. I live in slippers with a non-slip sole. I don't need any falls. 

I just had to text this little story to the "grands" saying: "I think you kids will get a kick out of this. Grandpa has forbidden me to use the "dangerous stairs"! I never knew that when I made that rule for you that someday it would apply to me!! 51 years today. Surely he knows by now that he's not the boss of me!"

They did think it was hilarious! 

Also, I don't recall if I posted this picture yet:
The senior portrait wall is complete--us, our three girls and five grands. I can't believe they are all grown up! Time has flown by and is still speeding ahead.

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  1. Lovely portrait wall. And how sweet that he still worries and fusses over you 51 years later.


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