Sunday, August 28, 2022

Something For Sunday

Thinking: About the fact that September is going to be a big travel month for me. I'll only be home 10 days--going to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend--4 days, scrapbooking for 4 days and then our family safari for 12 days. That's a lot of travel---but it's all fun, so I'm not complaining. In fact, I packed yesterday for my scrapbook retreat. I'm ready.

Wondering: Whether I'll bother to decorate for Halloween this year. I usually do it the first part of September so I have two months to enjoy it. I'm thinking "not" since I'm not going to be around much to enjoy it. 

Thankful for: Our new/old pool guy. We re-hired a guy we had and liked a few years ago. Why we let him go is sort of a long story--but it wasn't because we didn't like him--he just let me down one time too many. I'm just happy that he was willing to come back! I haven't been able to enjoy our pool recently due to all the problems. Hopefully that's at an end now. Of course, the season is just about over anyway.

Hoping: Morgan gets the "Nurse Practitioner" job she wants. She's had several positive interviews and has one offer on the table so far.

Enjoying: Getting back in to my stitching. It's been just a couple weeks, but I cleaned out all of my stitching supplies--again--and reorganized everything. I got rid of patterns I've kept for the past 45 years--thinking I might make something again. I never have, so I've let them go! I got rid of another shopping bag full of fibers and only kept the ones I really like to work with. Yay for me. Also, I finished a Christmas project that I started for Mindy a couple years ago. 

It's quite large for a pillow, so I'm going to have it framed.
There is so much beading--luckily I do enjoy beading. The white in the candy cane "s" is all beads.

Planning: Decorations for Morgan's engagement party that Stephanie and Jordan are hosting here in October. I'm handling all of the dishes, glasses and paper goods as well as the floral centerpieces, decorations and all beverages. 

Reading: Recently finished The Paris Library--quite good--and worth the read; Out of the Corner--memoir of Jennifer Grey--typical Hollywood stuff--pretty good; James Patterson by James Patterson--nearly finished--I don't usually read more than one book at a time, but this one is a book/book, so I'm out of the habit of that type of book and cannot read it in bed; and finally, I'm nearly finished with my book club book--The Lincoln Highway. I think it's really good, but probably much longer than it needs to be.

Loving: Anything Disney--thus we're watching Behind the Attractions on 

Disney +--so interesting. Documentaries are by far my favorites.

Marveling: At how many programs there are about the royal family--and I love each and every one. The Smithsonian channels has several different series.

Watching: Peaky Blinders--Butch and I have just started it. We only watch one or two series at a time. Right now we have this one and the Disney--Behind the Attractions. We're almost finished with that (I think).

Creating: a plan for the rest of the house. We're finally going to get all the--what I call--the "un-fun" stuff done around here. Clean out, paint, add new cushion floor to the garage, garage doors (or repair the one we have), new people door, repair brickwork outside, re-build the pool/garden shed, deal with foundation problems and some landscaping issues. The only thing left after that will be replacing the driveway and patios--I'm in no hurry for that! Our house is nearly 40 years old. I've taken great pride in keeping it looking like new. It's a lot of upkeep for sure.

Bumming: that we had to cut our trip to the beach short. But we'd rather have bad weather at home with tv, internet and music, than be at the beach without.

Appreciating: my good health. I'm trying not to worry as I see family and friends struggling with their issues. 

Regretting: that Mindy and Justin won't be with us on the safari. Still they'll be having a great time on their Seine River cruise. Neither of them has been to France yet.

Learning: how to take full advantage of the Cricut Explore Air 2. So far, I've spent 6 hours watching YouTube videos and playing around with it. I'm really loving it!

Feeling: anxious. See "appreciating" above. I just have a general feeling of being on edge. Like something is going to happen. I don't like it. 

Imagining: my garden next year. It's still not exactly the way I want it. I have such high hopes every year. It's getting there. I'm just too impatient. I want things the way I want them!! That's pretty much how I feel about every aspect of my life!! 

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  1. You have a busy month ahead!
    I know exactly the kind of 'feeling' that you are talking about, anxiety is horrible isn't it? I do hope that you, and those you love, keep well.
    Your embroidery is amazing, what patience you must have - I'm in awe!


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