Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Camp Aunt Barb

Another Camp Aunt Barb in the books. It was a whirlwind--like it always is. At 10, 7 & 6, I thought they would start to calm down. No such luck. It's wild and crazy around here for sure. 

I'll post a bunch of pictures, but here's the rundown:
We swam, painted aprons, had walking tacos, snacked, played poker--we taught them actual poker hands this year--it was amazing how fast they caught on, watched movies, had two-night swims, book exchange, happy hour, poker, and fire pit dinner at Steph & Nicky's, went to The Pfunky Griddle and cooked our own breakfast, saw Super Pets, stopped at the Peach Truck, swam some more, had an Amazing Race--Camp Aunt Barb style, pizza at the pool, played rob your neighbor and bingo with Uncle Butch! Whew! That's a lot! I was pretty darn tired!

This year, when they arrived, I had new beach towels for them. We had the sunglasses leftover from Morgan's graduation party.
The last challenge of the Amazing Race was to put all of the previous challenges in the order that we did them. I was surprised at how fast they did it!
The winners each won $10.00 while the "runners up" won $5.00.
One of the challenges was that they had to eat 10 animal crackers.
I had them pick "buffs" Survivor style. Of course, it ended up being the big kids against the little kids. So, I had to "pivot" to make it fairer. The little kids got to read the clues first and get a head start. 
These were the aprons that they made. They wore them when we went over to Stephanie's.
They did a great job!
They wore the aprons the whole night!
Besides fun kid's drinks, she had assorted glow bracelets and necklaces. It didn't take the kids long to make a chain and hook their ankles together!
When I cleaned out the library a couple months ago, I had this stack of children's books that I decided to get rid of. Rather than just take them to Goodwill, I came up with a game for the kids to take the books. 
In this challenge, they had to find the duck with the "x" on the bottom. They finally figured out that it was the little duck that was sitting in the plant.
The kids are always competing in some way or another. In this one, they challenged themselves to swim underwater between my legs without touching. After each one rotated through, then I narrowed my legs an inch at a time. Finally, when my legs were about 12 inches apart, Travis figured out that he had to go sideways to slip through. 
Our final activity was Bingo with Uncle Butch before the last couple of games of poker. Then it was a movie and bedtime. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the total chaos in the rec room. It took them about an hour to get all of their stuff together. Travis couldn't find his phone. We found it the next day under the theater seat. 

Another Camp Aunt Barb in the books! One thing I noticed, I don't have a single picture of Jeanne, Janet, and me! Oh well, it's all about the kids anyway! 

Once they left, I got the house back in order and got the laundry caught up. After that, I just chilled the rest of the day! 

Now it's on to the next thing. The family rolls in this week to celebrate Sandy and Greg's 50th birthdays this summer. And do we have a lot planned! It's always fun, but definitely exhausting!

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  1. They must have had so much fun! You put so much thought into this time at 'Camp'.


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