Monday, August 15, 2022

Me on Monday and a Little Monday Mystery

Butch left for a long golf weekend. He won't be home until Wednesday night--late. I thought about calling friends to see if anyone wanted to come float in the pool with me. Then I remembered that their husbands are not gone, so they most likely would not want to come. 

Instead, I decided that I would go out by myself---which I rarely do. It always seems like such a time waster to me. I put my "Classical Crossover" playlist from Spotify on the sound system and armed myself with my towel, hat, sunglasses, phone, and pool beverage. I had decided that I would make a few phone calls while I floated. I don't like to hang on the phone. Any calls with me most likely will not be short--although I do prefer to limit them to a half hour. That doesn't always happen. I am better off if I can be "killing two birds with one stone!" Then it doesn't seem like such a waste of time.

I got my float and got in the pool. Then I realized that I forgot the darn phone on the pool table. I got out and decided to take a selfie. So, I got back in the pool. That's when I realized that I could not hold the drink, float and take a picture all at the same time. Sooo...
I got out again. Then I decided that I'd leave the phone until I finished my drink. Back in I went. Only to remember that I wanted to make a couple phone calls. Oh, heck no. I'll just wait until I finish my Mike's. Then I noticed this:
That's when I decided that this was going to be my "Monday Mystery." So, I got out of the pool to take the picture.
Where in the world did I get that big bruise? At that point, I ditched my drink and took the pictures. After that, I decided to just stay in the pool and make my calls. Up until then---probably 15 minutes of messing around--it hadn't been relaxing yet! I called my cousin, Chrissy and chatted for closer to an hour!

My whole float lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. It was a beautiful day, but I had other things I wanted to do. It was worth it. 

Now for the mystery. Where the heck did I get that tennis ball-size bruise? I do not recall hitting or running into anything. Obviously, that's what happened. I'm at that age you know. The one where you bruise easily. I guess that's it.

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  1. That's a big bruise too have happened without you realising it! The thought of just floating around in a lovely pool with a chilled drink in my hand is very appealing at the moment - how lucky you are to have that so close to your house.


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