Thursday, August 18, 2022

Is Texting an Inate Ability?

Me thinks not. 

Did you have to be taught to text? I don't mean how to actually do it---I think kids know that by watching everyone around them text. But do they know what it's all about and the purpose of it? Maybe new texters just need a little help. Here's the proof.

Today I got a text for the very first time from my little niece, Evie. I didn't know she even had my number. When she was here for Camp Aunt Barb this summer, she and Travis had their very first phones. They are in the 5th grade this year---so hard for me to believe. Anyway, their phones are actually old phones of their parents that they can't actually use as phones--in that they can't make phone calls. But, they can text. That leads me to the first text I got from Evie today. I thought it was so first...

Isn't her bitmoji cute? 

So, I sent this:

The end.

I'd say this is the shortest text conversation I've ever had! 
Evie on the right--Josie (1st grade) on the left. They are so darn cute!! Thanks, Jackie for sending me their "first day of school" pictures every year! Now just teach Evie how to text!!

Speaking of first phones, Travis "lost" his while he was here. Everyone was looking when it was time to leave. We figured he packed it and just couldn't remember. He was a bit upset--I'm sure he was worried about how his parents would react to know he'd lost it. 

When they got home, his phone did not turn up. I got a text from his dad asking if I'd look around. Butch and I did---and, of course, found it under the seats in the rec room where the kids had all of their stuff. I sent it back to him and got this in return:
Isn't this about the cutest note? His dad said he had to pay for the postage---which I'm sure he took out of his poker money!! He overpaid me by $2.00, so I sent it back. His dad said the $2.00 was for the envelope--it was padded. 

Heck, he didn't have to send the money. I applaud his parents--teaching him responsibility and consequences. Still, he could have texted me a "thank you!" Isn't that the way of the world now? I know, a hand-written note is warranted in most circumstances. For this I just need to know he got it! I'm pretty sure that text would have looked like this: got it. 

Texting should be defined as: "Conversing in the shortest way possible." 

Exactly why I don't like to text. I'm way too verbose! I want to send and receive the whole story! 

What about group texting? Oh no, don't get me started. Just take me off!

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  1. What a sweet note. (And yes, yea for the parents.)

    Actually, I am on board with one word text replies -- lately, I have not chosen my words carefully enough and people have read into something I texted what was in no related to what I said, meant or even could imagine how they interpreted it in such a way. Context and connotation are everything. Besides, since I cannot text two-handed, short texts are much easier.


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