Sunday, August 14, 2022

Let's take a stroll...

...through my garden.
This is the side yard where I think the hawks live. The trees are really tall here.

There's nothing like hydrangeas for the best show. And they last all season. 
The simply fade to green--still pretty even then. It's a pretty view from the sunroom.
They crape myrtles start blooming in late July and then go through the fall.
My French hydrangeas aren't quite so prolific. I don't think they get enough sun. It is my shade garden!
I have always loved gardens--even my own! 


  1. How lovely! Those hydrangeas are fabulous.
    I'm afraid that this year our garden is looking very sorry for itself. This heatwave has taken its toll on a lot of our plants.

  2. Thanks for the lovely stroll. Our crepe myrtles are filling out nicely this past week. We should try French hydrangeas, as we have mostly full sun spots around the house.


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