Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Travel Tuesday

So, you've already heard about my trip to the beach--with my friends. The day they left, Butch came in  and we had a few more days. This time, he caught fish for the first time. Pompano--5 of them--although he only landed 3.
He's a "catch and release" fisherman. I'm on board with that. You can get fresh fish so easily, I'm happy not to have the hassle of cleaning and cooking.

This travel Tuesday post is about our trip back home. As it turns out, it was due to rain on Saturday, so we decided to come home one day early. We got on the road about 5:30 a.m. Then I realized that Sandy and family were in Nashville this weekend for the Kid Rock concert. We remembered that they were having a pool party at our house. So I decided to have a little fun. 

The closer we got to home, the more excited I was getting. About 15 minutes away, I texted a beach picture to Sandy, Stephanie and Mindy with the caption, "It's a beautiful day at the beach!" I was chuckling at how surprised they were going to be. I think I'm so funny that I entertain myself! And yes, I laugh at my own jokes.

I told Butch that when we got home, we were going to hurry and put our suits on and just casually walk out to the pool! That plan was foiled by Justin--he came inside for something. I told him not to blow the surprise. We walked out and the girls were so surprised! Sandy asked if I had gotten their text!
Their caption was: "A beautiful day at the pool!" Now you might notice that Stephanie is not in this picture. She was up in Bloomington, IL helping Morgan with her move. 
Stephanie repsonded with this picture and caption: "A beautiful day in Bloomington!"

Well, if you know this family, we couldn't stop there. This was our next move!
Mindy sent this picture captioned: "A beautiful day with our mom!...
...and squad!" Stephanie just gave it a thumbs up--no response.

Now, I was supposed to be at the beach, remember? We were all laughing so hard because we know Stephanie! She hates being left out! We knew that she would be "fomo--ing" up there in Illinois. We laughed as we recalled a few stories of her getting, inadvertantly left behind--like the time she was napping on the balcony of the hotel room in Disney and we left her!! She's still mad about that!

Anyway, somebody got the idea that we needed to put Jordan--who lives in California--in the picture too. So, Elizabeth did it in about 2 seconds! I can't believe how easily she did it. This was the next picture we sent...
...which I captioned, "Even Jordan surprised us!" Steph reacted with an "LOL!" This time we added Jordan to the text. She thought it was hilarious! 

As you can tell, we have fun all the time with the goofiest things! A big part of that is teasing each other! Side note: we made Nicky be the "selfie" taker. In this one, his head blocked out Greg and Victoria who were in the pool. Oh well, sometimes that happens!

By the time we finished messing with all of this the pool day was just about over. Not really. I went in and pulled together some assorted cheeses and spreads for a snack. It was a lot of fun and we're so happy we came home for it!

Oh and then there's this:
Mindy started the whole pool thing with this picture and caption: "Even on his birthday, Justin can't resist being the pool boy!" Happy Birthday Justin!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate that with family! Even if it's just us!

Well, I wish Justin was here today. The pool's a mess from the storm yesterday and full of leaves. And, I'm having my first, friends pool party of the season! We'll see how that goes!

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