Monday, May 2, 2022

Me on Monday

Here we are at the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday night:
So what's up with this guy?
He totally photobombed our picture! He left me no choice. I had to do it!
I "rubbed him out!" I never in my life thought the words, "I rubbed some guy out!" would ever be something I would say! He deserved it. Oh, I get it now. Isn't that what every guy who "rubs someone out" says?

Anyway, the concert was so much fun. 2.5 hours of high energy! We were on our feet just about the whole time. I took 196 pictures to get 7 decent ones:

He played just about ALL of his big hits. There were only about 4 or 5 that I didn't recognize---but I liked them. He told a story about watching the news about the Ukraine war and seeing a clip of a guy singing "It's My Life"---the perfect intro to his song and about how we're all the same no matter where we live!

We had such a good time. But I think what I liked best of all was just this one on one time with my girls. We don't get to do that often enough!

PS Two of Bon Jovi's band members now live in Nashville! Everyone wants to live here! The streets of downtown are insane! But that's pretty exciting to me. You hear live music everywhere you turn! I understand that it's a bit much for those who live down there (ahem, Mindy!)! I wouldn't like it either if I had to put up with all those bachelorettes and crazy party vehicles all the time. It's bad enough to get stuck behind a pedal tavern! Can you spell A*N*N*O*Y*I*N*G! 

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