Thursday, May 19, 2022

Five Things Thursday--The Beach Version

My "girls" as in "posse"--left yesterday. We had a great time, but the week went by way too fast. 

1. Pam was the one in "no man's land" this year. That's the person who has to live in the hallway. She made the best of it.
She brought 8 pairs of shoes. I teased her that she had a store set up!
Same goes for her clothes. When you have this spot, there's really no place to go with your stuff.  She made the best of it. She'll be back to sharing my bed next year!

2. This was our only group picture this trip.
From left: Pam, me, Nancy, Connie and Karolyn. The Perfect Pig is one of our favorite places. This is the second time we've gone for brunch. Pam and I shared the avocado toast and French toast--so delicious! Those are about the two best "toasts" there are! We tried to get another picture when we went to Louis Louis for dinner, but it didn't turn out. At our age, we have to take every opportunity to get pictures together!

3.  This is the busiest we've ever seen the beach. It's always been a nice, quiet place. 
Still, we loved it. The weather was so perfect, that I can honestly say that I spent more time on the beach this trip than ALL the other times put together! I went and stayed ALL day, every day except the last day when I went to the pool after lunch. It was just awesome! It helped that we rented the chairs and didn't have to lug a bunch of stuff to the beach. The only reason I went to the pool on the last day was because I wanted to nap while floating in the pool. I used a pool noodle--so relaxing! 

4. I found this tiny crab on the beach.
It's about the size of a quarter. I put it on Pam's chair. But then I went to the pool after lunch and forgot to ask if she noticed! I have no idea how crabs are born--eggs or live. It was so cute.

5. I saved this for last. You are not going to believe it. One morning we were under attack by this guy. We were minding our own business, trying to eat our breakfast on the porch. He literally stalked us. There were lots of jumps and shrieks as he jumped at us and ran under our feet. 
When Connie got up, he ran behind the cushion next to the chair back. I sort of smushed him--not enough to kill him, but to scare/hurt him so he'd leave. He left, so I thought the problem was solved.  Later when I was sitting out, he came back. I got this out:
I swatted at him with the fly swatter. That seemed to do the trick. Then, I just left the fly swatter sitting there. Voila'! No more squirrel. I guess I found the thing he's afraid of!! Several of the other owners have been complaining about the squirrels. This is the first time we've had a problem. People are feeding them---which is NOT a good idea! That makes them fearless which then makes them more annoying!

Oh, and that broken table??? Now that's another story!!


  1. That squirrel would have driven our dog crazy! In her mind they are our enemies and she must defend them from us come what may. On our walk to the lake the path has a tunnel of trees and when the squirrels are jumping from side to side she doesn't know which way to turn!
    Sounds like you had a lovely time with your girls, I hope your friend noticed that little crab before she sat back down!

  2. Our squirrels are not all that daring - but the birds around here have been taking over the outside window sills lately. Not sure what that is about.


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