Saturday, May 28, 2022

Nashville Named Top Destination IN THE WORLD By National Geographic


No wonder our streets are crowded, you can't walk in to ANY restaurant or bar and get a seat, scooters are abandoned everywhere, every place you turn there's a pedal tavern, party buses, trailers, hot tubs on wheels, hay rides, horse and carriages, huge police presence, traffic is crazy and then there's this:
Justin took this picture from his car. He and Mindy live downtown, so they've seen it all. I can't quite make out the license plate, but it's not local! Apparentley they think they are on a one-way street. What the????

Still, downtown is exciting. Live music everywhere. The sidewalks are bustling. I knew we were the "bachelorette capital" of the world. And now the "Top Destination in the World." Since it's coming from National Geographic, you know it's legit!! 

I'm okay with it. So, if you've never been, come on down!! I'll show you a good time! And then we might go downtown!

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  1. Lately, all I have heard about Nashville are some terrible car wrecks. Apparently Nat Geo is not hearing about those.


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