Monday, May 9, 2022

Monday Mystery

This "Monday Mystery" is really more about me. I'm having more and more "senior" moments. I hope like heck that it's nothing more than that.

Here's what's happenin'!

These earrings are some of my favorites. I found one in my jewelry box and thought, "Oh yeah, I lost one. I might as well turn this one in to an embellishement for a scrapbook page. 
And that's just what I did. I removed the wire and threw it away. Well, a few days later, I came across the other one in my jewelry box. That's when I realized, it was another, similar earring that I'd lost a long time ago. So now, I've ruined this perfectly good pair! Sheesh! On second thought, maybe Butch can fashion another wire for me so they can be salvaged.

And then there's this. Last week, Janet asked me if I'd mailed the AYM kits to them. I said I had. She asked when, and to who. I told her that I had mailed them the week before to Jeanne. She asked why I mailed them to her. I replied that I just wasn't thinking. I usually go back and forth. I texted Jeanne. She said she hadn't received them. I was concerned that they were lost. 

The next day, I was putting something away and found them. 
You know that saying, "out of sight, out of mind?" Well, it's the truth! I had moved them from the dining room because of a family dinner. I completely forgot about them. But what's worse, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I had mailed them! 

I don't have a problem telling these crazy things about myself. My friends assure me that they are doing the same sort of things. I don't know. I guess my brain is just over-loaded. At least I hope that's it. 

It's definitely a mystery to me!

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  1. Oh I have that recurring mystery, of things that I thought I did, but I actually only thought about doing. I had not considered using single orphan earrings on scrapbook pages, I might have to salvage a few from my mother-in-law old jewelry box. I do know I need to borrow an earring back from one of hers as I lost one of mine last time I traveled to my sister's house, and I am tired of switching them among the pairs I regularly wear.


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