Saturday, May 21, 2022

About that table...

...the week before my friends and I arrived at the beach, my sisters, Jeanne, Joyce and their husbands were here. On the last day, it rained. Jeanne went to "dump" the water that was on top of the table and tilted it. She didn't realize that the top was not attached. It fell out and broke. 
She tried to convince me that she was totally sober when it happened. I'm believing that because she's not a liar!! Plus the thought that she wasn't never occured to me! Of course, she felt bad and offered to do whatever to fix or replace it. I told her not to worry about it as "stuff" happens. Then I turned it over to Butch---well, not without telling him what I thought he sould do--namely, have a piece of plexiglass cut. That sounded like the best solution to me.

He had other ideas. After he arrived on Wednesday, he measured:

And off we went. Our first stop was at the granite place where we got our countertops. He thought we could get a scrap for little or nothing. I liked that idea. Apparently you can't. When Butch explained what we were after, the woman said that the minimum cost for anything is $300. What??? No way would be pay that. 

Next up was his plan B (I guess if my plan even rated, it would have been plan C). We stopped at Walmart so he could get some JB Weld--it was $6.00. I had never heard of that. He told me about some things he has repaired at home with it. It's some sort of liquid product that acts as a weld. Duh, it's in the name. I guess JB is the person who invented it. Anyway...
he fashioned another little angle bracket and...voila'! 

The guy can fix anything!! Considering his entire career was about using his brain rather than his hands, it surprises me that he knows so much about home stuff! 

I think of all the money we could have saved over 51 years by having him do everything. On the other hand, due to his travel schedule, having his undivided attention was priceless! 

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  1. I am not at all surprised about the price at the granite place. Their products are in high demand right now, and they don't want to take out the time on small jobs. The labor to cut it is probably most of the cost.

    Kudos to him for repairing it so well. All the same I bet he was glad it was only 2 pieces.


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