Thursday, May 26, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. I think this is a genius idea.
Unfortunately, I don't really have any place I can do it.

2. I'm very excited about my trip to England in 2023--dates tbd!

This amazing tree is in a park in Kent. Something else to add to my list!

3. Since when does jewelry need to be disinfected?
Oh, yeah, I guess since Covid.

4. While I was at the beach I saw this on my walk:
A little girl jogging with her dad. How cute is that? I hope there are donuts involved at the end!

5. I thought this was another genius idea!
I think Butch has something similar planned to house our hose. There's nothing I hate more than a piled up mess of a hose. Or this:
Our patio and flowers look quite nice--until the messy hose junks it up. I hate that. You might be thinking, "well, Barb, why don't you wind it up?" My response to that is, "When I use the hose I DO wind it up!" I just don't do it that often. Seems to me whoever uses it should wind it. Are you with me on that?

We had one of those holders attached to the house hidden behind the bushes, but no one bothered to wind it up--except me. For that reason, I have a feeling this new idea won't work. We'll see...

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