Thursday, May 12, 2022

I Knew I'd Get Picked...

...but it was all for naught! 

So, yesterday was the day that Nancy and I went to the Antiques Roadshow. What an adventure! As Nancy said, "What else would we be doing on a Tuesday?"
It was hot! I lugged that chair. We had to park off-site and get on a shuttle. That meant, I had to climb up steps with the chair. A little tricky, but I managed. Luckily for me, Nancy offered to carry the punch bowl--which is heavier than the chair. The chair is more awkward and cumbersome. We were not allowed to use carts or dolly's. You couldn't drop things off either. Carrying was the only option.

We had quite a hike to reach the "triage" area (I always thought that word was related to medical things--I was wrong--looks like it means sort, classify, group.) We stood in line at the desiganted stations for our stuff: furniture, decorative items and jewelry. 

Nancy has the cute little English chest in the picture and I had the Marie Antoinette chair. Here's what we found out about them. Her chest is from around 1900 and is worth $800-$1000. The MA chair is a reproduction--around 1890-1900. It's been repainted which decreased the value. The guy valued it at $500-$1000. He pulled two similar ones up online--one was $800--the other was $1000. 

After furniture, we separated as she went to jewelry and I went to decorative items. She had two antique broaches. Totaled, they are worth a couple thousand dollars! As for my great-grandmother's punch bowl, it is pressed glass--manufactured between 1900-1920--most likely in St. Louis where she lived. Basically the guy said in the nicest way possible, people don't use or want punch bowls these days, so it's not worth much--$100-$150. My initial reaction was to argue with him! I use my punch bowl and so do Sandy and I think Stephenie. They might use them more for decorative displays (think ornaments at Christmas) rather than punch. I use mine at every party I have---maybe only once a year these days, but I used to have a lot of parties.

Anyway, it was something different to do. I met some nice people. Now I can chalk this up to one more experience in my life. When I got home, I asked Butch to get the chair as I could not move it one more inch! He happily complied!

Oh, and even though it's not worth thousands, I still don't want people sitting on it!

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  1. It was still a fun experience even if you didn't make it onto tv past triage. Another experience to notch up!


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