Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Travel Tuesday

Well, it's that time of year. The weekend before Christmas. That's when we go to Atlanta to celebrate with Sandy and family. It's always fun. Like I keep telling her, when we go to her house, it's really like a vacation for us! Sandy (and Greg) are great hosts. The go out of their way to make every visit so special. I love it! Even Butch made the comment that he was looking forward to it as it kicked off our holidays.

This weekend did not disappoint. We arrived around lunch time and met at Copelands. 
I just love that place. And I love the fountain full of Christmas ornaments out front. We used to have a Copelands here in Nashville years ago. I look forward to visiting when we go to Sandy's. Greg was off work, so it was a nice way to kick off the festivities. 

After lunch, we did an adventure lab in downtown Marietta. It was such a beautiful day--perfect for strolling the streets. We even stopped and had a drink at an outside cafe. We split up after that with the guys going home while Sandy and I made a stop at Target. A little more about that tomorrow. 

Of course Sandy had her house all decked out for Christmas:
Their live tree is just about as perfectly shaped as I've ever seen. It's a huge tree---they have 10ft. ceilings. Notice that star on top? I needlepointed it several years ago.
I love beautiful tables! Hers is no exception.
The centerpiece is exquisite! It's all sparkly and shiny. Her Christmas dishes are so cute too!

I love that she displays some of my needlework. I did this one in 2003.
This was a cross-stitch project. I remember that it was a really fun project.
Another cross-stitch tree. I don't think I dated it. It's been years since I've done a cross-stitch project. I might have to do another for a change. 
This button tree was one of our family craft projects on Thanksgiving. I think it was about 5 years  ago--maybe more. We really need to date everything. All of the girls made one. Sandy went with green and red.
I went the pastel route.

She had the cutest paper plates. 
They are part of the Pioneer Woman's collection from Walmart. I'm starting to be a big fan of Walmart. Well, maybe not the store, but of a couple of the lines they carry. I think the stores are kind of crappy. But they do have some cool stuff. And very reasonable prices.
She started our evening on Friday with peppermint martinis. The peppermint ice cream made the drink--so creamy and delish.

We spent the evening just hanging out. Sandy made meatball sandwiches for dinner. She always thinks of good things to make. I need to work on that. I feel like I'm in a rut. I need to think harder from now on.
Next up was this:
I had no idea there were Advent Calendars for dogs. 
Titan loves his and gets so excited when it's time to open the next window.
Inside is some sort of treat--either food or toy.
Tonight, it was a little blue ball. He played and played with it. I don't think kids get as excited as Titan does about an Advent calendar!

I don't know where Saturday went. But suddenly, it was time for happy hour.
I really enjoy champagne at Christmas--although I did drink quite a bit of it in France. But the problem, I never remember from one year to the next as to what I like. Sandy had three types, so that gave me a chance to try them all. Cooks Brut was my favorite with Korbel coming in second. Andre was number three. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to remember it from now on.

We had our delicious crab leg dinner with roasted potatoes, buttered carrots, spinach casserole and yeast rolls. After dinner, it was time to start gift opening. Sandy had let us know ahead of time that it was going to be a "pajama" kind of night. Hence the stop at Target as I didn't have any p.j.'s that fit me. I found some cute ones:
Okay, Elizabeth wins for cutest. But, I would freeze in that get-up! I opted for a pajama set with a little robe over the top.

Butch went with his Disney p.j.'s. 
We always do pajamas on Christmas Eve. This is sort of Christmas Eve when we visit them.

Afterwards, we stepped outside to admire the lights on the house. 
It looks so pretty! I love all the white lights and then the colorful Christmas tree!
Sandy and family puts up 4 trees! This one is in the rec room. I didn't see the one is Sandy's room this year. I forgot about it. I did get a picture of Elizabeth's.
How much fun it is to have a tree in your own room! It looks so nice. But then, when you see the larger view...
It's kind of shocking!!
Teenagers!!! Now don't get me wrong. I was just as messy as this--as my cousin, Chrissy can attest to. But I do not recall leaving all my drawers hanging open!! Actually, it makes me laugh!

It was a great weekend and we were so happy we got to spend it with them. Actually, it's kind of nice. Having two Christmases, really spreads it out!!

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  1. What a beautiful house! Sounds like you had a great time - your family really do make the most amazing effort to make sure everything is just perfect for your visits. You obviously set them a great example!


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