Thursday, December 23, 2021

Five Things Thursday--Christmas Related

1. Last week, my brother, Matt went fishing. He sent me a few pictures:

It was a very good day! I forgot how many fish he caught (crappie) but you can see it's quite a haul! Then he sent me this:
Perfect sentiment from a fisherman!

2. Stephanie and Nicky went to a Christmas party a couple weeks ago. Everyone was supposed to dress us as their favorite toy from the '80's. I'd say they "nailed it."
Steph went as Strawberry Shortcake. She loved those little dolls---and still has them!
Nicky took advantage of the fact that he made a light saber at Disney and went as some character from Star Wars. Can you tell I've never seen a single Star Wars movie? I don't know the lingo at all. Maybe a Jedi?!?
Nicky sent me this picture of someone at the party. He knows I'm a Cardinals fan--even though I don't even watch baseball until the Cards make it in to the playoffs. I don't know who this guy is, but he must be from St. Louis to have collected this baseball card of "Stan the Man." Stan Musial was a huge star in the 60's---when I was a kid!

3. Last week, when I picked up Connie, Amanda and Analise for the ornament exchange, I was teasing Connie that I couldn't believe she already had her Christmas dinner table set. They don't even do their Christmas until the day after! I said that she's going to have to dust all the plates before dining!! Later that evening, she sent me this:
She said that after they got home, Analise did these fancy napkin folds. She's been doing some work for a caterer and learned how to do them. Just in time! Now the plates won't get quite as dusty!!

That reminded me of my December 10th post of 2018 where I had made these folds for my table.

As you can see, there are two ways to make this fold. Maybe I'll do a tutorial. Okay, next year. I'm a bit busy right now!

Anyway, I love that Analise is taking an interest is such things. It's so much fun seeing the next generation follow in our footsteps!!

4. On Tuesday night, we celebrated Jordan's 27th birthday.
How did this happen? I swear, I just blinked and now I have these adult grands!! Time is moving too fast. Please slow down!

5. Last night we had a Christmas party. It's been several years--actually many years since we've had one. I'd forgotten how much work it is AND how much I love it!! I'll be posting about the process when I'm looking for something to talk about! I wish I had more pictures to share, but my friend, who shall remain nameless (not Connie--seriously NOT her!), volunteered to take them. After the party I texted her to remind her to send me the pictures. She apologized profusely. She forgot!! Oh well, what can I say. We're getting old! This is the second time this holiday season that we didn't get any pictures. When our friend group got together for dinner, I wanted to get a picture. Someone said, "We'll get it at the restaurant." Well, we didn't. 

I did take a picture the other day at Susan's when she had us for lunch.
I'm so happy to have this, but do you see the problem? I'M NOT IN IT!!

As for last night, I took just a couple pictures before the party started.
The kitchen table was the beverage center. We served red or white wine, Christmosas (Sandy made these last weekend when we were there--so good with champagne, orange juice and cranberry juice), tea punch and water. 
I pulled out my fancy glasses.
The dining room was laden with goodies: bbq meatballs, spinach balls, green onion dip with veggies or chips, pate on toast, baked brie in a pastry with pecans, crab spread, chicken almond cheese ball, a charcuterie, Chex party mix and then the sweets: chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter blossoms, poppyseed cake and brownies. 
Butch did the charcuterie--how awesome is this? I told him where to place things, but he took it from there. I'd say he's "sealed the deal" that he will be our official charcuterie maker from now on. We have these just about every time we have a family happy hour.  

I am so excited this holiday season. I guess because we had to miss so much last year due to---I'm not even going to say it. You know....

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