Sunday, December 19, 2021

Something for Sunday

On Wednesday night, we had our annual mother/daughter ornament exchange. We need to change the name since the third generation is now part of the party: mother/daughter/granddaughter ornament exchange. I love that! Everyone looks forward to it--especially this year--it's been two years since our last one.

For 2021, we were at Leigh's. This greeted us as we arrived:
She "decked her halls" with this cute, hand made garland. She cut every leaf by hand! Time consuming for sure.

We all bring an appetizer or dessert, so there is always plenty of food:
Mindy turned her cheeseball in to Rudolph--so cute.
She always tries to come up with cute presentations for her food.

After the game, I managed to get a few photos of the grands.
These are my little rock painting girlies. Parker and Maddie are Pam's grands.
Ooops! How did Mitchell get in here? Oh, yeah, we had lunch with him earlier in the day. 
Here's the gang. The lighting wasn't really conducive for an iPhone perched on the fireplace mantle. Still, I love it. Considering there were several people who couldn't make it, we had a nice turnout.
Little LaRue is the grand of my friend, Nancy and the daughter of hostess Leigh. And of course, Morgan---my girlie! ALL 5 of my grands are taller than me now.
Analise is Connie's grand. She did a great job of orchestrating the group photo. 

I got a few other pictures with some of my friends. But I missed quite a few. I didn't get Nancy or her girls, Leigh who hosted nor Paige, who came in from New York just for the party. And, somehow, I managed to NOT get any photos with my own daughters! As Mindy said, "we see each other all the time, so we didn't really need to hang out!" Oh well, we'll have plenty of opportunities this week. 

The ornament exchange was so much fun this year. I think it was extra special since we hadn't been able to do it for two years. Also, I do love "messing" with the "littles!" I'm so happy to see our group expand. That makes it a bit more exciting. We just love doing festive things during the holidays.

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  1. Oh how lovely to see all your family together - those group photos are hard to organise but well worth the effort!


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