Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What I Buy Wednesdays

The new porch furniture for the beach was delivered last week.
We had a table and 4 chairs before, but decided to go in a different direction this time. This is perfect for happy hours, lunches, hanging out with your computer or even just relaxing with a book. 
The chairs are those spring type---very comfortable and you can rock. Butch was the one that found this first. I loved it right away. The colors...just love them. Then I got to thinking about the coral shutters. We have no control over the outside colors. Now don't get me wrong, I'm fine with the coral--I actually like it. But then I started looking for pillows and rugs to go with coral and couldn't find anything I liked better than the blue and gold combo. So, we just went with it. When the time comes that we need to replace them, I'll go to At Home and find something else. They have so many choices. I probably could have found something there with coral if I wanted to. I just fell in love with this combo--mainly that rug! It will be interesting to see how well it holds up down there. We've moved the cushions and pillows inside before we left, but left the rug. That would be way too much trouble to keep moving. I hope it doesn't get all faded. We hope that by putting the cushions and pillows inside, that will extend the life. When it comes to buying replacement cushions, you are just about better off buying a whole new set! 

Darn, I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the porch. We bought a "deck box." 

This is not the exact one we bought--what we bought is a little nicer, but you get the idea. It holds all of the beach chairs, umbrellas, floats and toys. Now we don't have to have all of that sand inside. That's a real plus in my book! 

Remember all the sand Butch sucked out of the dryer? Update on that. His little gadget which involved a tube and an empty water bottle worked! He was able to get the rest of the sand out. Anyway, I guess when you have a beach place you are bound to have a lot of sand. Did I ever mention that I hate the sand?


  1. I love the colour of the cushions alongside the coral shutters - in fact I have blue walls and coral bedlinen in my bedroom!

  2. We are here this week and saw your deck box and rug- looks great!


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