Thursday, March 4, 2021

Five Things Thursday

1. Stephanie and Nicky saw this in their neighbors yard a couple weeks ago:
A red fox is an unusual sight in an urban area. 

2. Speaking of Stephanie,
Look who got a new haircut! I love it. She said it's harder to deal with than her long hair. 

3. Still speaking of Stephanie,
I picked these up for her yesterday---right in time for Easter.

4. Nashville is very fortunate to have the Picasso exhibit at The First.

Justin loves art museums.
Considering that he and Mindy live right down the street from the museum (they live downtown), it wasn't hard to walk there during our "big" snow!

5. Speaking of Mindy and Justin, they came with visual aids for happy hour last Friday.
They told us all about their trip to Orlando to visit Justin's brother and family. They stayed at the new Disney property---The Riviera. Mindy had signed them up for some experience in the new Star Wars area at Hollywood Studios where they got to make their own light sabers! Pretty cool.


  1. That's a great capture of the fox. In some cities here, foxes are becoming a pest hunting for food around dustbins. How wonderful to get to see such a famous painter and to see your family.I am constantly jolted by realising that there are parts of the world where you can be with more than one person, can even see them indoors, and that museums, hairdressers and restaurants are open!

  2. I'm the same as Alexa, when I see pictures of people mixing and eating in restaurants it takes me by surprise! We'll get back to it eventually but our lockdown seems to be going on forever!
    We sometimes see foxes nearby, in fact one lives in the gardens of the local pub and is often seen looking for scraps of food in the early evening. I wonder what he's been doing since the pub closed back in December?!


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